My HiLand Eisenbahn

After a long absence my first railroading project will be to resurrect my former HiLand Railroad albeit in a new configuration and hopefully with the added benefit of some modelling experience and a lot more patience. While I make no promises I am reassured by the fact that there are no deadlines with this project – and therefore it is exactly what a hobby should be – relaxing and enjoyable with no added pressure but for my own expectations.

As this project evolves and progresses I’ll do my best to tease you right here with what’s happened lately – not daily, not weekly, not monthly… but lately… I’m really looking forward to it!

So What’s Happened Lately, Eh?

  • How It All Started

    How It All Started

    Like many other youngsters I received my first starter train set one Christmas so long ago that I can’t remember the details but for the fact that I still have…

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