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      Looking great F1nutz!

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        Looks sharp GI!

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          Looking great Ken! The white really pops!

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            Excellent F1nutz!!! Thanks for posting!

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              Don’t we have a class for this??? 😉

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                GI – this response was automatically flagged as spam by the anti-spam software and therefore not automatically posted – I’m not sure why – but I’ve released it – my apologies for the delay in doing so.

                Thank you for posting!


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                  Porsche911, just kindly let me know the date, start time, end time and classes and I’ll add make sure to add it to our calendar.


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                    Looks great GI! Great addition to our existing field of Indy Roadsters!


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                      Looks great Ken! Pure simplicity which can’t be beat… and so easy to assemble too!


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                        Hi Ken!

                        You’ll find a country colours chart here:



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                          As it stands our current Modern F1 rules focus only on the Scaley version of newer F1 models:

                          Modern F1 (F1)
                          Eligible Models: Any ‘stock’ modern Scalextric (2000 and newer) F1 model
                          Motor – must be a ‘stock’ Scalextric S-can or slim motor – whichever came with the model
                          Maximum overall width not to exceed 58mm
                          Optional Modifications:Guide – may be replaced by any 1:32 guide and adapter
                          Rear Wheels – any 12mm (or smaller) wheel may be used – rear suspension detail may be modified to accommodate wheels
                          Rear Tires – any DArt ‘Club’ series urethane replacement tire
                          Front Tires – ‘stock’ or any DArt ‘Club’ series urethane replacement tire
                          Rear Axle – may be replaced by a solid axle
                          Bushings – rear nylon/plastic bushings may be replaced with bronze/oilite bushings
                          Weight – may be added anywhere to the chassis or body provided it is concealed by the body – no weight may be added underneath the front wing or underneath the chassis
                          Spacers/Washers – may be used on the rear axle (inboard or outboard) and on the front axle (outboard only)
                          Gearing – stock gears may be replaced by any 27T crown gear together with a 9T pinion or any 24T crown gear together with an 8T pinion
                          Chassis Bracing – The portion from the driver to the rear of the chassis may be braced or strengthened using any material but both chassis and any modification thereto must remain unpainted and not concealed by any substance so that any such modification is clearly visible if the body is removed. Bodies and chassis may not be cut or altered to accommodate bracing

                          As noted in prior replies (above) other groups are embracing several modern F1 models from a variety of manufacturers which are faster, more durable and nearly the same price.

                          Therefore it could be time to finally bring some glory (and sanity) back to the Modern F1 class by permitting any modern model (2000 and newer), any make, any chassis (scratch or RTR), any motor, any gearing, any wheels, any size DArt club series tire… basically an open class but for year of model, DArt tires and maximum width (TBD if necessary).

                          Let us canvass this potential change with everyone to see if we have a consensus in time for the Fall calendar – either reply to this thread or discuss in person… Thank you in advance for your further input…

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                            Excellent! Hinch appears to be on the incline to greater things now – I think his colour commentary is quite entertaining – first indycar now the F1 streamed broadcasts… great for him!

                            Did you get a chance to speak to him at all?

                            Thanks for posting!

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                              Excellent livery and colour choice!

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                                Excellent DB!

                                The track looks great! Looking forward to your posts!


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                                  Excellent work Ken!

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                                    This is your list of models to be presented to the grid for La Carrera Panamericana XIII:

                                    Class Year Race Class # Manufacturer Type
                                    50SP 1950 T 18 Ford 6
                                    50SP 1954 TE19 262 Volkswagen 1200 De Luxe
                                    50SP Plus 1950 T 50 Ford Tudor
                                    50SP Plus 1953 SP16 199 Porsche 356SL
                                    50SP 1952 SP 4 Mercedes Benz 300 SL Coupe
                                    50SP 1952 SP 6 Mercedes Benz 300SL Spyder
                                    50SP Plus 1952 SP 21 Ferrari 250 Monza Scarrietti Spyder
                                    50SP 1954 SP15 56 Porsche 550 Spyder
                                    50SP Plus 1953 TS 226 Ford 6
                                    50SP 1951 T 7 Shaguar Xk 129
                                    50SP 1950 T 52 Oldsmobile 88

                                    Good Luck!!!

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                                      Thanks Ken!

                                      Spring is finally here and this week is shaping up to be the best of the year yet!!!

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                                        Looking very good so far Ken and the finish line is in sight! I guess curbs, gantry cover and some foliage are all that’s left… won’t be long now!!! Keep riding that wave of inspiration!

                                        in reply to: Welcome to Fotodoug’s slot car track in Toronto, ON #38584

                                          Looks great Doug!

                                          in reply to: Welcome to Fotodoug’s slot car track in Toronto, ON #38517

                                            Apart from three separate power supplies each with their own relay what other timing/power hardware is used?

                                            in reply to: Well, would you? #38515

                                              It’s wonderful that there is a place within this great hobby for everyone!

                                              Regardless of our unique tastes and preferences at least we should all be able to agree on that!

                                              Cheers and happy racing whichever way you prefer!

                                              in reply to: Well, would you? #38512

                                                Good question Doug. Sounds like a dare…

                                                I think this format could be very appealing to novices especially anyone brand new to the hobby.

                                                Not sure if racing an untuned Fly Classic LeMans against a scratch built CANAM model and a low power motored Boulevard Cruiser makes for satisfying racing regardless of outcome. Not sure watching one lap the other while that one is lapping yet another is fun to do or watch in my books. At so many levels this sounds very unappealing to me… …regardless of how you determine the winner. But who knows?

                                                Whether I’m racing or watching I love seeing close wheel to wheel racing with fragile hand built models through a fully scenerized backdrop… and that’s what inspires me to continue participating in this hobby. But that’s just a small part of it. Last week I enjoyed finishing the body detailing on my scratchbuilt Porsche 550 LeMans Coupe. The week before I enjoyed making scratchbuilt telephone poles and painting Thelma & Louise who now ride inside my Impala. Right now I’m enjoying working on a 7′ long pit building. Tonight I’ll enjoy painting, detailing and weathering inserts in the great company of two other enthusiasts who are joining me… later this week I hope to share some laughs and pizza while circling a different track I built some time ago. Next week I hope I’m fortunate enough to enjoy goofing around with some large scale cars with like minded friends… such a fantastic hobby this is!!!

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                                                  Welcome to the members’ tracks area!

                                                  May I ask what timing software you are using? and is it available for others to try out? I ask because while I’m very satisfied with SlotTrak I’m looking for an alternative to the usual breakout bracket solution for slower/restricted motor classes.

                                                  If I understand correctly, the software you are using ranks results based on consistency rather than just on time alone…

                                                  in reply to: I’ve started another transporter project… #38207

                                                    The VW bus and the Lotus too!!! Can’t wait to see it when it is finished!

                                                    in reply to: New photographer to the site! #38001

                                                      Hi Doug, …the above Led Zeppelin post was flagged as spam and sent to the spam folder… not sure why… very cool and clearly not spam though! Thanks for sharing!

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                                                        Very nice work Doug! Thank you for sharing your pics!

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                                                          Looks great in white porsche911!

                                                          Thanks for sharing!


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                                                            That body looks great racer68! Was it printed as shown or did you need to sand/smooth it to get it ready for primer?

                                                            Keep us posted on your progress! Thanks for posting!

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                                                              Looks great Ken! Cheers!

                                                              in reply to: Willys Gasser Style Coupe #30866

                                                                Great looking model JMSracer!

                                                                in reply to: New track in the east #30865

                                                                  Actually you don’t need to turn your head at all to see the whole track! Ha Ha Ha Ha!

                                                                  But on a serious side it works really well for two car racing in a small space.

                                                                  in reply to: The 1954 Pegaso Z102 Cabriolet Saoutchik 2a Serie Street #30864

                                                                    Hi JMSracer,

                                                                    Your model looks awesome! It isn’t about speed…

                                                                    If I may offer a suggestion:

                                                                    When building your model you are truing down your white wall tires too much – likely to accommodate your fixed motor and front guide position for the slab aluminium chassis…

                                                                    Typically when I start a build I true my tires/wheels first for the look of the model and then accommodate them using my wheel blocks to create my chassis…

                                                                    Not sure what the solution is for a slab chassis but perhaps bending the front to raise the guide height might be one approach…

                                                                    Slab chassis have numerous limitations but they work well for low power motored models so I understand your preference.

                                                                    Keep up the great work!


                                                                    in reply to: New track in the east #30835

                                                                      Looks great Ken! Curbs, straw bales and other goodies next! Almost at the finish line!

                                                                      in reply to: The 1954 Pegaso Z102 Cabriolet Saoutchik 2a Serie Street #30834

                                                                        Great looking car JMSracer!

                                                                        in reply to: Latest rendering #30817


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                                                                            Looks fantastic F1nutz!

                                                                            in reply to: Happy Thanksgiving! #30526


                                                                              in reply to: Riverhampton Photo Collage September 15, 2022 #30520

                                                                                Excellent looking lineup and great fields for each class!

                                                                                Can’t wait to make the next meet!


                                                                                in reply to: D’Arts Brabham BT 44 #30142

                                                                                  Excellent work Luis!

                                                                                  Love those tire decals too… where did you get them?


                                                                                  in reply to: Lancia-Ferrari D50 #30126

                                                                                    Great looking model Luis!

                                                                                    Well done!

                                                                                    in reply to: IROC Series Anyone? #30125

                                                                                      That is a good idea Ken.

                                                                                      Scott has cars in stock. I will try to see what he has when I am there next, and he can also order anything directly from Slot.It too…

                                                                                      No rush, we can discuss at the next MVL race in September…

                                                                                      in reply to: IROC Series Anyone? #30107

                                                                                        Thank you for so many great suggestions!

                                                                                        Nothing would prevent us from starting an IROC series mid-way through the fall either… so we can discuss in person at future races.


                                                                                        in reply to: IROC Series Anyone? #30098

                                                                                          Excellent feedback so far! Thank you so much!

                                                                                          I have two points to keep this discussion on point:

                                                                                          1. This would be a true IROC series with no ownership of models. The cars will be put in a box or case and brought to the next race as is. If a car is damaged or needs repair then it will be at the cost of the pilot. Before every race each participant will have an opportunity to choose the car they race – order of choice of car will be based on random chip draw. At the end of the series the cars will be distributed the same way.
                                                                                          2. Personally I have no interest in the effort required to set up or maintain inferior axles, bushings, gearing or plastic wheels. Absolutely no interest. If anyone else wants to do that I invite them to do so.

                                                                                          Assuming those involved so far in this discussion can agree on anything we have four. We would need at least three more and for the series to begin on time we would need to collect money and order models within a week or so… as before lmk…

                                                                                          in reply to: Riverhampton Photo Collage July 14 2022 #29873

                                                                                            Looks like a great time with great classes!

                                                                                            Thanks for sharing JMSracer!

                                                                                            in reply to: R32 Hosting #27218

                                                                                              I’ve got you on the calendar now! Thanks again KK for hosting on the 25th!!

                                                                                              in reply to: King Cobra/Cooper Monaco Class eligibility??? #26445

                                                                                                Thank you for the question.

                                                                                                After some discussion yesterday we’ve decided to add a separate USRRC/SCCA sportscar class to the R32 set of classes which will adopt the Scratch32 Pre-CANAM class rules. This class will debut in R32 when we return to The River on Saturday June 11… stay tuned.

                                                                                                We might want to rename our existing sportscar class (including our 1950’s sportscar and 1960’s sportscar subclasses) to ‘Endurance Sportscar’ (1950’s Endurance Sportscar and 1960’s endurance sportscar subclasses).

                                                                                                in reply to: Very interesting site #26411

                                                                                                  Thanks for the link.

                                                                                                  Moved to our reference forum.

                                                                                                  Please keep our general forum area for topics related to the site, site maintenance, etc.

                                                                                                  in reply to: Ferrari 246 SP Dino #26409

                                                                                                    I reinforced the ASS chassis with a few additions which I epoxied in place:

                                                                                                    The total weight was light and needed to be brought up to R32 rules to 75g so I added some extra brass pieces:The body was painted quickly to be raced at MVL but then was massaged thereafter with added detail, including a different pilot to better reflect the model I’ve noted.A center mirror, tail pipes, wiper, and several other details were added. I also painted the headlight cavities white and the lenses light blue. The car numbers were airbrushed onto clear decal sheet and then applied….I’ll need to sort out how to better paint the headlights but I’m satisfied with this latest effort. Practice will help.

                                                                                                    Cheers and thank you for taking a look!

                                                                                                    in reply to: R32 Hosting #26407

                                                                                                      Just following up KK – does June 25 work with your personal schedule? If not please give me alternatives…


                                                                                                      in reply to: R32 Hosting #26374

                                                                                                        Excellent! I think we will target Saturday morning June 25th if that works for your schedule! Masks (if things remain the same) will be a must indoors unfortunately but so be it… How about Trans Am, Classic LeMans, Group C/IMSA, and CANAM? Let me know… Thank you for reaching out and your kind hospitality in hosting R32! I can’t wait to rub fenders at the Rock again!!!

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