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      Yes, I vowed I wouldn’t succumb to peer pressure, get engaged in the 1/25 60’s sedan builds, well…guess what, I am weak… Got the Super Body kit deal from RZ (Thank you!), happened to have some 1/24, 1/25 engine parts(I knew I had a purpose when buying them), and voila….Still to be finished paint wise, chrome, touch ups etc, and of course, I need a KRZ chassis(Hello Ken) :>) Would like to shod this beast with Cragar style wheel inserts(Art).

      Overall, very happy with it so far, will see how it shakes down, and for me, the 3ft 30MPH rule is in effect… :>)


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        Wow! A classic colour that is hard to beat. Love the black hood and white roof. The hood scoop looks like it’s meant for business.

        One KRZ custom chassis is on the build sheet for you.

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        Great looking Impala!

        Hopefully we’ll see it out on track soon!


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