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      For anyone considering playing with us and our 1:27.5 scale Kyosho Mini-Z remote control models I strongly suggest that you budget $400 for the following:

      • A new Kyosho Mini-Z ReadySet featuring the latest transmitter with MR03-RWD chassis – whether the rear motor mount is an LM (low mount) or MM (mid mount) depends on the body style (or model) you choose – typically the Grp C models are LM and the GT style models are MM. Apart from the rear motor mount, rear axle/differential assembly and wheels the parts for both are interchangeable. Overpaying for a Readyset with a model you like is not the worst thing either – in fact it may save you money in the long run. I would also avoid FWD and AWD models as a first and only planned purchase.
      • A quick charger (wall mount or USB) capable of fast charging at least 4 NiMH ‘AAA’ batteries (if you don’t already have one) – which will run no more than $30. There is nothing wrong with using a comparable charger from Energizer or any other manufacturer. Also, depending on the capacity of the batteries ‘quick’ charging time may vary from 3 to 5 hours or more.
      • At least 8 ‘AAA’ rechargeable batteries but you will want more. The most common rechargeable batteries are 1.2v (like Energizer, ‘Ladda’ (IKEA), etc.) and these work fine with both your transmitter and model. You can order more of these from Amazon for a very reasonable price – 16 batteries for $25… Then there are the 1.25v rechargeable batteries which the hobby shops sell which offer a little better performance for your model – but not needed for your transmitter. These higher voltage batteries run around $20 for 4. Fully charged batteries should give your chassis more than 30 minutes of run time (longer if a higher capacity) with stock motor and gearing. From my experience batteries in your transmitter should last 3x longer than in your model, so as a rule of thumb you only need to change them after you’ve changed your model’s batteries three times. I like having 2 sets of batteries ready to go for my transmitter and 4 sets for my model which is way more than enough for a full (and tiring) day of minizinging…
      • A set of DArt urethane tires but the stock tires work well enough so no rush, and
        DArt Club Series Urethane Tires (Narrow 8.5mm Front – Wide 11mm Rear)
      • A lubricant that is plastic safe such as LaBelle 106 grease with PTFE for the front and rear suspension and differential.
        Recommended Lubricants – Make sure they are safe for plastic!

      That’s all! Throw everything in your Readyset cardboard box and now go racing!

      BTW, You don’t need more than a small Philips screwdriver – the Readyset comes with a tool to remove the stock wheel nuts and a pinion puller should you wish to change the 6T pinion…

      Extra plastic parts and accessories that come with the Readyset – including a wheel nut driver and pinion puller.
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