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        Vintage Mini (VM) (Modified Class)


        Courtesy of JMSracer:

        Eligible Models: Scalextric 1959 and 1960’s Vintage Mini’s.  Inline with 14k slimline motor (Morris Mini’s, Mini Cooper’s);


        Stock – Body, Interior, Chassis, Glass, Lights with modified slow slim BWA Motor .


        Minimum overall weight – 70gm


        Gear ratio 9 or 10 T pinion / 21 stock crown gear not to be tampered with


        Wheel track must be kept within the model’s body width, the wheels must not be visible when viewing the car from above.  Typically 43.5mm wide at rear and 44.5mm wide at front.


        Permitted modification – can switch stock front stub axles with solid axle which will require a modification to guide with B-nova.  Also upgrade stock plastic wheels with aluminium replacements.


        Basically, you should remove the stock stub axles in the front and install a solid axle which allows independent front wheel rotation, this will require you to cut the stock guide holder down to about 1mm thickness and install a B-Nova/ CG Slot guide adaptor to give the reduced guide holder some additional strength/support.  Install as much weight as you want, there is a minimum weight of 70 grams.  Remove the tiny 21T stock crown from the stock axle and install it onto a better replacement axle and replace all plastic wheels with aluminium wheels.  You must keep the 21T stock crown but can replace the stock 9T plastic pinion with a 10T brass/steel pinion.

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