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      Due to the pandemic we’ve expressly banned the old practice used by many of using saliva to clean their urethane tires. Sanding or using water are both permitted and encouraged.

      Nearly everyone would clean their tires prior to presenting their models to the grid for the start of any race and some would use saliva to do this when rotating between heats.

      It will remain the host’s choice whether or not to set any parc ferme conditions at the start of any race.

      For all races and events at The Ring tools, contraptions and any foreign object or substance (used for a slot car purpose) are not permitted inside the race room at any time and all models participating in any race must remain either on track or in the pit area in parc ferme conditions meaning that when rotating to the next heat you may still blow dust off your braid, use your fingers to adjust your braid, rotate/rub your tires with your fingers and adjust anything that you can adjust using just your fingers (or toes, palms, nose, whatever turns you on) but no more. The main reason for this practice is to keep the race moving along in an efficient manner. Furthermore since I find that there is no drop in performance with a urethane tire there is no need to clean tires in between heats.

      Regardless, it will remain the host’s choice how they conduct their races and as a result different venues may have different race procedures.

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      For races at Spa, I will adopt the Ring Policy/Parc ferme conditions, with 1 additional caveat; use of nasal area will NOT be permitted. :>)

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      Ha!!! No nose blowing – I get it – adopted at The Ring too!


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