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      It is scratch built but not a car..
      Thought I’d start a thread on the construction of my new track scenery project for the Targa Florio.


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      Some of you may recognize it as this corner in a small village of Collesano near Palermo in Sicily.

      Hopefully I can come somewhat close to the actual thing!

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      Avatar photoGI

        This looks really interesting!

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        Avatar photoKen


          That’s a very cool looking building!

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          Avatar photoMiA

            Now that’s dedication!!

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            Great looking “Billding”!! :>) … Care to Bill’d this??

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            That’s another I’d like to build. You should try it!


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            I worked on the raw stone texture on the back of the buildings hand drawing/ indenting the stone shapes with a dull pencil. Windows will be framed in with balsa wood. Stone texture needs to be more roughed up but I think I’ve made a good start.

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            Here’s a photo of the back side I used for reference.

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            I took a larger more blunt instrument and further burnished the stone surface to give it a little more depth. Not sure if it will show on the picture but it adds more realism and definition for when the paint gets added.

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            Atsa mahvellous stonework “Rocco”!!! :>)

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            Progress on the stonework continues…

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            Time for some stucco…

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            Avatar photoGI


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              Avatar photoKen

                Amazing progress!

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                Thanks guys.
                Giuseppe and the roofing crew came over and knocked up a few tiles.

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                Avatar photoKen

                  Nice roofing work. Are those tiles guaranteed for 25-years? 🙂

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                  Avatar photoArt

                    Looks fantastic F1nutz!

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                    Very impressive, detailed and beautiful work F1nutz!

                    It pops…  its really coming together nicely

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                    Spectaculare, bravo paisan! I can almost see Maria and her Beautiful Cannelloni’s singing Puccini from the balcony!!

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                    Thanks guys!

                    Not guaranteed for 25 seconds, this thing would leak like a sieve.

                    The roof is the most time consuming. That’s about 15 feet of plastic tubing all cut and split by hand. Took about 4 hours so far.

                    Considering other options.

                    Maria got knocked up by the roofers when they finished knocking up tiles. Hence the enormous Cannelonis!


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                    …and that wasn’t Puccini she was singing.  😉

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                    Finished the first roof section and base coat applied. Roofing is hard, slow and time consuming. Good thing Maria was around with some Aperol spritzers.

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                    Also making progress on the front side. Windows and doors cut and base coat of stucco applied.

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                    Installed and painted some door framing as well as the first balcony!

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                    Avatar photoKen


                      That building is coming along beautifully! 🙂

                      Don’t forget the crowd control cop that’s usually leaning on the inside of that corner. You can see him in the first photo.

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                      Excellent work!

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                      Amazing work F1nutz!

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