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        Most of us know the benefit of using Super Clean to remove a bad paint job. But every once in a while you get stubborn paint that just won’t budge.

        I bought this pre-painted body at a flea market for $5 as a quick test. Once it past the slot car test. I could not bear to look at the paint. It had a lot of bad blotches in various spots.

        The body looked like this after soaking for 2-weeks in Super Clean. The hood was the first test for Easy-Off oven cleaner.

        Overnight in Easy-Off did the trick. The only spots of paint left were from when glued covered the paint.

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        Nice to know the Easy Off did the trick.

        I use Superclean because it doesn’t have the fumes Easy off does and it can be reused many times if stored in a plastic tub but sometimes it just doesn’t work.

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