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      I removed the black menu bar which used to sit at the top of the page which I believe many users found confusing and problematic to use. Some features did not work using the links from this bar, like changing your avatar for instance.

      Now if you want to change anything related to your own profile you will have just one option – to go to ‘My Profile’ in the top menu from any page – and everything there works. Create blog posts from your profile page as well.

      For new forum topics please make sure you are within the appropriate sub-forum first before starting a new topic, otherwise every new topic goes to the General Information forum. I’ll do some housekeeping with this and hopefully everyone will be on board going forward.

      I also reset all forum user accounts to eliminate the problem that some accounts had with posting new forum topics and replies. I’ve tested this with a dummy account and it seems to have solved this problem for all accounts which have already posted a topic and a reply in the past, but hey, you never know. If you post a new topic or reply in our forum area and it doesn’t appear online immediately after you submit it then it would need approval before being published – it isn’t gone or lost – so be patient and it will be approved if need be…

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