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      Seven out of Eight participants made it out to this event due to the Passover (Pesach) holidays.



      1. Vintage Mini’s – 8.80 second bracket

      2. 1950’s GP

      3. 1960’s GP 1.5L

      4. Trans AM

      5. Revoslot GT (stock)



      ● 3 minute heats (180 seconds) x 3.

      ● Voltage set @ 10.5v

      ● Three marshals for every heat.

      ● Race to line result will determine finishing order.

      ● Vintage Mini’s 8.8 second bracket; all other classes no bracket.



      1) Vintage Mini’s


      The host took the checkered flag.  Congrats to Gary for the fastest lap with an 8.804 in the blue lane, he won the extra point and placed second.





      2) 1950’s GP


      Winner took the flag with 71 laps, second had 70 laps and third and fourth both finished with 69 laps and a 7.2 second variance on extension.




      3) 1960’s GP


      Winner took the flag with 71 laps, second and third both finished with 69 laps and a 5 second variance on extension.



      4) Trans AM


      First and second both finished with 71 laps (Kudos to Alan for his second place finished!), third and fourth both finished with 70 laps.




      5) Revoslot GT (Stock)

      No photos were taken of the Revoslot cars, only four racers participated.  First and second both finished with 78 laps and only a 3.5 variance on extension.

      1) Marcos LM600 GT2 – 78 laps

      2) Porsche 911 GT1 – 78 laps

      3) Mercedes Benz CLK GTR – 75 laps

      4) Dodge Viper GTS – 74 laps


      Thanks to all participants that made this another fun evening of racing!



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      Avatar photoGI

        Very enjoyable event, thanks JMSracer!

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        Thanks for hosting another wonderful race night at The River!

        My sincerest apologies to GI for taking you out multiple times with my Cougar… cost you at least second place in the Trans Am race… punishment was swift in the paddock from my own crew… and they ate all the Greek donut holes!!!

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        Avatar photoGI

          As they say in NASCAR – it was one of those racing deals.  No problem with me.

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            You are definitely a gentleman! Here’s to more close racing!

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          Avatar photoKen


            Thank you very kindly for hosting another fun event. It was a blast!

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              Speaking of Greek donut holes…

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