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        Revoslot Trans Am Jr. (RTA)


        Courtesy JMSracer:

        Rules for Revoslot TransAm Jr series;

        which includes the Alfa Romeo GTA’s; Ford Escort MK1; BMW 2002’s; and the Opel Kadet GT/E ONLY!

        This is a stock class and all that can be done is blueprinting, changing the guide with the deep wood guide that comes with the cars as a spare guide and installing Dart of KK urethane tires.

        Click on the link below to see a video on how to blueprint the Revoslot cars.

        Many have used the Dart rubber washers to install between the chassis instead of the Gorilla tape as recommended in the video, your choice.  Be careful not to true your front tires too much, they may not touch the track.  Some have bent the front part of their chassis to make the front touch the track in cases where the front was not touching.

        Revoslot Advance Tuning

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