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        For those racing at Riverdale and Cupcake:

        This is just a reminder that the Revoslot Jr and the Sr class are both “STOCK” classes.  This means you cannot change the gearing, all you are allowed to do is to blueprint the cars and install urethane tires.  If you ever strip a gear which is almost impossible to do unless you are doing something wrong…. you must replace it with the stock gear that came with the cars.  Going forward, before you make any modifications to your cars, please read the rules first.

        In the Revoslot Jr class; all but the BMW 2002 are geared 9/24; the BMW is 9/23 and I believe one of them is 9/27.

        Big Boat vs Boulevard Cruiser.

        A follow up reminder, the Boulevard Cruiser is an open class except for motor which is limited to only the 14k BWA S-Can.  There is no weight limit and you can have any chassis, any gearing, urethane rear tires.  Any body 1955 through 1963 full size American car. Gunze, Sangyo, Revell and AMT brands are highly recommended;


        Big Boat

        Although this class allows literally all the same models as the Boulevard Cruiser… This class has a minimum weight, body length. open gearing, open chassis and allows a 15k JACK RABBIT MOTOR.

        The way to remember it is Boulevard Crusiser is only BWA motor, Big Boat is Jack Rabbit motor…

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