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      The JMS garage will be attending the Targa Florio XII and will be bringing a full transporter of entries.

      1) 1970 Porsche 908 – #40 (70CP040-1JM) – as previously raced and found in the database;

      2) 1969 Lola T70 MK3 – #190 (69CP190-1JM) as previously raced and found in the database;

      more to follow

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      Would this be the list used to find eligible cars?

      And is this an open motor race?

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      Yes, racingsportscars.com is a great site to find eligible models.  This site is also a goto reference and can be cross checked with racingsportscars.com.


      As per the rules, the body and or chassis of your entry must be scratch built.  The scratch built model database found on this site can be referred to also.

      Review the scratch32 rules regarding motors for each class.  Participants must pre register the model they intend on racing and must complete the scratch built form found on this site.

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      See attached Scratch32 rules and Targa Florio Rules.

      If you click on the Targa Florio event in the Calendar there is a current summary of what will be permitted.

      If you would like to participate but don’t have a car that complies and are not a builder, you should reach out to Ken, he builds chassis for any model.

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      Avatar photoKen


        I am also planning to attend with the following 5-cars.

        72CP051-1KM. Morris Mini Cooper, SGARLATA Matteo

        71CP037-1KM. Corvette Stingray, ARUTUNOFF Anatoly

        66CP210-1KM. Shelby Mustang GT-350, CHEMIN Henry

        65SP178-1KM. Shelby AC Cobra, SETTEMBER Tony

        70CP006-1KM. Ferrari 512S, VACCARELLA Nino

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        Additional Entries that have raced in past events and found in database.  Although these models are being registered, depending on time only one might be raced along with one of the new entries below.

        3) #216 Morris Mini Cooper – 1970 (70CP216-1JM)

        4) #5 Alfa Romeo 33/3 – 1971 (71CP005-1JM);

        5) #31 Porsche Carrera 6 – 1971 (71CP031-1JM);

        New Entries

        6) #127 Porsche 914/6 – raced 1973 Targa;


        7) #196 Austin Mini Cooper – raced 1967 Targa – same livery number changed to 162;


        8) #224 Ferrari 330 P4 – raced at 1967 Targa.  This build was highlighted on October 13, 2020, thread #16590 under scratch built forum.


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        Porsche 906 70-CP090-BG #90

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        Porsche 908-3 test car (no database entry yet) #T

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        Ferrari 206-S 70-CP058-BG #58 (will attend testing but likely not race)

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        JMSracer thank you for starting this thread.

        The DArt garagista will be entering the following contraptions:





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        Thanks Art for hosting the Targa XII.  Enjoyed the close battles and the company.  Looking forward to the next race.

        Bill, your Targa building added to the experience.  Can’t wait to see the finished product.




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        Thx Jim. I started a thread on the building build so I will update as I proceed.

        thx for hosting the Targa Art! Another fun night of Targa recreation!

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        Avatar photoKen


          Thanks a million for hosting another Targa Florio!

          I should build a few more Targa cars.

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