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        Attached are a few screen shares from Instagram of early rail racing. Enjoy!

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        I’ve always been interested in rail racing.

        I have an old Model Maker magazine somewhere with an article on electric rail racing from back in the day.

        I also recall a group in Britain who run a proxy rail race in recent years.

        It is basically the beginnings of both RC and slot car racing.

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        Avatar photoKen

          A friend and I were inspired by these guys in the early seventies. We made a small wooden cart with 4-wheels. Stuck a Cox .049 engine with a prop on it and sent it down the street.

          We both looked in amazement at how fast it went. We turned to each other and said “Oops, I hope that doesn’t hit someone”. Then started to laugh.

          Kids never think ahead. Rail? Who needs a rail?

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