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      Saturday, February 25, 2023 @ Spa Lyons


      • 1950’s & 1960’s Endurance Sportscars (50SP & 60SP)
      • Classic LeMans (CLM)
      • 3.0L LeMans (3LM)
      • 1970’s Grand Prix (70GP)


      • 3 minute heats (180 seconds) x 4
      • Voltage set @ 10.5v
      • Three marshals for every heat – no penalty for track calls
      • Race to line result determines finishing order

      1950’s & 1960’s Endurance Sportscars:

      Classic LeMans:

      3.0L LeMans:

      1970’s Grand Prix:


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      Avatar photoKen


        Thanks for a fun day of racing!

        Always a blast to race at the Spa Lyons.

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        Avatar photoJoe

          Thanks for a great race day at the Spa, see everyone at the swap meet.

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          Avatar photoGI

            Hey Porsche 911:

            Thanks for hosting the race and sorry about the “earthquake” I caused.  That building did move quite a bit.


            Scarborough Slasher

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            Great racing, splendid hospitality and yummy za at Spa Lyons!
            Thank you for hosting another fun R32 Saturday Porsche911!

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            Avatar photoMiA

              Thanks for a great day, good pizza and the little Aston.

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              Hi gents, apologies, late to the show here…Took a “webless weekend” :>) Yes, great to see Spa being enjoyed, some good jousts, a few spectator casualties, and we’ve now met Gary’s alter ego…The “Scarbourough Smasher”, he punches well above his weight, just ask my ‘ticket takers’… :>)

              No worries, they’ve been released from the Scalextric Trackside Infirmary and will not have any life altering issues. We also now know that MiA may be missing, but when he does show up, he’s an hour early!! Hmmm, and about Pineapple on Pizza??? Big thank you to Art for capturing and posting the pics!!

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