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        I know many of you have been overwhelmed with new classes in every group that races in southern Ontario. R32 is no exception but rest assured that our R32 classes are now fixed for the balance of 2023.

        Recently we’ve added several classes as a fifth experimental race. We’ve also included them in our Class Criteria subforum for reference going forward.

        At this point R32 has 23 classes in total. You’ll find them all within our Class Criteria subforum.

        Some of the ‘new’ R32 classes are not new at all. The original Sportscar (SP) [and later Sportscar Plus (SP+)] class[es] which included any sportscar raced between 1950 and 1969 are now divided into four distinct classes:

        • 50SP – 1950’s Endurance Sportscar
        • 60SP – 1960’s Endurance Sportscar
        • USSP – 1960-1965 SCCA & USRRC North American Sportscar
        • USSP+ – 1960-1965 SCCA & USRRC North American Sportscar Plus

        Any host can combine these if they wish, such as 50SP and 60SP as Porsche911 did last visit to Spa Lyons.

        Trans Am Plus (TA+), Boulevard Cruisers (BC) and Indy Roadster (IR) have been on our radar for many years. You can find several threads for each of these classes started years ago in our forums area. Simply use the search scratch32 website feature at the bottom of any page to find helpful examples of discussions, builds and tests posted by many of you which have proved very beneficial in getting these classes up and running.

        Unlimited Open (U) while a new class is not really anything requiring a new build or anything special since everyone racing with R32 will already have more than suitable models that have no class to race under. Models previously raced in the former Classic Prototype series (CP) are all great candidates as are other RTR models such as the Mosler.

        Well, there you have it.

        Going forward R32 will add a fifth race to every race morning and these new classes will feature equally within our schedule for the balance of 2023.

        I’ll remind you that the KRZ chassis works very well for both the boulevard cruisers and indy roadsters (among many others). Contact Kensredzed to order one if you don’t have a car already.

        In addition to our usual R32 rotation we will have S32 special events including American Thunder, La Carrera Panamericana, Ringwood, Coppa D’oro, Targa Florio, Player’s 200 and the Internationale Meisterschaft for those hankering to scratchbuild even more!

        Now get building!!!

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