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      Guten aben  meine freunde, Porsche 550 Coupe reveal… :>) D’art kit, KRZ chassis(thank you Ken), Vanski motor, 10X23, RS slot wheels, D7’s front, D8’s rear…Fantasy livery, my home made decals(except Marchal headlamps). Car is smooth(read NOT a lot of speed), and apparently, the Lyons engineering team,  in an effort to reduce ‘unnecessary ballast’ , elected to include brakes! Again, 3/30 rule invoked….I tried for hours to get the windshield/window for to sit just right, but $#@! I couldn’t get it to sit perfectly, went with best overall fit…perhaps I’d bent it, did the best I could..will continue to learn(I hope!) But, it does look nice meandering Spa…On to the next project..

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      ANd meant to say…”in an effort to reduce ‘unnecessary ballast’ , elected to NOT  include brakes!

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      Oh, and elected to go with a ‘flat finish'(thought more period appropriate) than typical semi-gloss, like it, though I think the ‘Red Nose’ and wheels popped more before…Will try semi the next 1. I have 2 more, another D’art kit and the original…

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        Nice build Drew!

        Cool colour and livery. Very original. 🙂

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          I like it!  Who doesn’t love a Porsche of any kind?

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            Looks great in white porsche911!

            Thanks for sharing!


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