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      Avatar photoKen

        Basic plans have been drawn up by Art to make a 2-lane new track in my basement.

        Art was kind enough to take on the task of fitting a small track into a tiny basement.

        I don’t have a name for it yet. Maybe the KRZ Twister? Name suggestions are most welcome.

        The final dimensions will be on a 5′ foot by 10′ foot base.

        The closest rooms to the track are the washroom and kitchen. It should work out well to host races for small groups.

        Everything in life is time sensitive. I should have done this a few years ago. Thank you to Art for accepting the challenge.


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        Avatar photoDB

          👍 Look forward to following your progress Ken.  Hope things are well with you and your loved ones.


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          It looks great Ken, very nice design, Congratulations

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          Avatar photoKen

            Dave and Luis,

            I humbly thank you both for your kind thoughts.

            I look forward to adding it to the S32 list when it’s completed.  I will gladly post photos.

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            Crazy 88’s or Spaghetti Junction.

            Looks challenging Ken!

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            Avatar photoPorsche911

              Great decision Ken!! Perhaps “Mille Manuel”?????

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              Avatar photoKen

                Interesting suggestions, gentlemen. Thank you very kindly.

                How about a combination of both ideas?  “Otto Pazzi” = Crazy eight(s)

                Single and multiple eights are apparently the same in Italian. Who knew?

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                Lol that would work.

                I was trying to play off a plane reference ‘lazy eight’ along with a car reference ‘delta 88’ as well as the obvious nested eights of the layout.

                I noticed that lazy eight is also a name the Infiniti sign so Infinity Raceway (also a real racetrack) or Infinity and Beyond raceway might work as well.

                Let me over think this…


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                Avatar photoPorsche911

                  Hmmm, also looks like stylized and elongated “P”s and “Q”s, could be called “Mind your P’s and Q’s” Raceway. :>)

                  Or more seriously,  “Autodromo Ocho Veloce”.

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                  Avatar photoKen

                    You guys are cracking me up. 🙂

                    Infinity and Beyond Raceway… Hahaha! Very suitable with 2-eights on their side.

                    I can’t seem to get through 4-syllable words anymore during chemo. Autodromo is a tad too long, even to spell.

                    What does “Ocho” mean? Google translate says it’s an English word? I never used it in my life.

                    Please keep the ideas coming. This is funny. 🙂

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                    Avatar photoKen

                      Google translate sucks!  Ocho is eight in Spanish. Oops.

                      “Ocho Veloce” also sounds cool = Rapid Eight!

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                      Avatar photoPorsche911

                        Happy to be bringing you some humour… I once was a cunning linguist!!

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                        Avatar photoKen

                          Progress. Things are moving along quickly.

                          The track looks like it has very smooth flow for being compact. It looks a bit like a “Mini Ring”.

                          “Otto Pazzi” seems to flow off the tongue easily enough.

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                          Avatar photoGI

                            Hey Z28, since you were/are into RC planes how about your street name “Miramar” Motorsport Park?   A salute to the original Top Gun base.

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                            Avatar photoKen

                              Thank you very kindly for the suggestion, Gary.  It’s a very good one.  Now I’m torn between the choices.

                              Further progress. The track is fully glued and connected. Elevation is next.

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                              Avatar photoGI

                                Looking good Ken.  Bet you can’t wait to turn some laps with your KRZ chassis cars!

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                                Avatar photoPorsche911

                                  Another ‘Work of Art”! Looks great, and showing my age, in the words of Carly Simon:

                                  Anticipation, anticipation
                                  Is makin’ me late
                                  Is keepin’ me waitin



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                                  Wow, Ken, it is looking very nice, Congratulations

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                                  The layout looks fabulous!  .. a cross between the Ring and MVL.  Nice build Dart.

                                  It has maximized your space and should be a lot of fun to race on.  Look forward to seeing it completed and turning some laps.

                                  Zoom zoom

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                                  Some possible names

                                  Circuit de Miramar

                                  Corsa otto (Racing eight-Italian)

                                  East Side 88

                                  KZ 88

                                  … a combination of any of these

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                                  Avatar photoPorsche911

                                    “LeManuel” :>)

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                                    Avatar photoKen

                                      Thank you for kind words, gentlemen. 🙂

                                      “East Side 88” also sounds very interesting.

                                      Further progress.

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                                      Looks great Ken, congratulations!

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                                      Excellent looking track, it is great that the sharpest turns are to be run up hill. I also like the Le Mans style Start of the race.

                                      Looking forward doing some laps soon.

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                                      Avatar photoPorsche911

                                        Looking great! Perhaps “Schnell Acht”, or Schnell Achtring, might fit the bill…, Regardless, will be great! Are you planning on any period theme? If so, I may have some sponsors/markers you’re welcome to have for guardrails, etc.

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                                        Avatar photoKen

                                          Thanks million, fellas!

                                          Drew.  I have not yet thought about a period theme. But I’ll likely be swayed by whatever crosses my path. Sponsors and markers are most welcome! Thank you!

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                                          Looking good Ken. Love the layout and love the wheeled base it’s built on. Looks very sturdy. Wonder if Art can re-do my base? Nice pit area too. Are you planning to run it in one direction only? If so, right to left by the pits? As for a name …. I’ll try to follow up with something later.

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                                          Avatar photoKen

                                            Hi John,

                                            Art can probably add wheels to your base. I had the base there for the old plastic Scalex track. It was an easy switch.

                                            I bought the Track Mate driver stations that have the reverse switch built into them. Going the other way will sure add another dimention to a race night.

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                                            Avatar photoMiA

                                              Lots of fun in a small space with none of those pesky long straightaways to get in the road of the corners!!

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                                              Avatar photoKen

                                                Thanks Micheal,

                                                Someone once told me the races are won or lost in the corners. There seems to be lots of opportunities to pass on this course. It looks like fun for sure.

                                                It’s safe to say that slow class cars with 14k to 18k motors will be the main focus of this track.

                                                1) Sportscar

                                                2) Hot Rod

                                                3) All the GP classes

                                                4) Trams Am

                                                5) Boulevard Cruisers

                                                6) Classic Stock Car

                                                7) Nascar

                                                8) Classic LeMans

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                                                Avatar photoKen

                                                  It was a productive day at the Infinity Motorsport Park. The day began with the copper tape treatment. It’s quite an art form.

                                                  Then came the wiring… and a few @#$%! choice words along the way. The simple ways to DL the freeware programs are gone. You need to jump a few extra hoops to find your way these days. It all worked out in the end with a nice runnng track. Both lanes respond well.

                                                  I already lost one car to the floor because the barriers are not up yet. Patience, grasshopper… Yes master Poe.

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                                                  Avatar photoMiA

                                                    Spectacular!! And now for the details!!

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                                                    Avatar photoKen

                                                      The wiring has been cleaned up.

                                                      The laptop has a sliding drawer.

                                                      Driver’s stations are completed.

                                                      Most of the barrier supports are in. The blocks sitting on top of the track should be the last to be installed.

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                                                      Looking great so far Ken! Bet you can’t wait to do some running on it!

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                                                      Avatar photoKen

                                                        You know it, Bill!

                                                        I feel like a kid just before Christmas. 🙂

                                                        Art was over today and attacked the outside borders. It’s looking more complete all the time.

                                                        My turn to play catch-up and paint the all details.

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                                                        Wow Ken, that is coming along very nice, I am working on some cars now and I hope they get to stamp their rubber on your track, Congratulations

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                                                        Avatar photoKen

                                                          Thank you, Luis. You’re always welcome to spin a few laps.

                                                          The borders are painted. A little more work to the overpass and inner loop and cars can safely race.

                                                          Track decor will take some time.

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                                                          Avatar photoKen

                                                            The track is ready to host races. All the outside borders are buttoned up and painted. Timing system works great.

                                                            What’s left?

                                                            1) Inside details (grass, checker cork, etc.)

                                                            2) Double row of hay bails to line the outside of the inner loop

                                                            3) Cloth skirt to hide the base

                                                            4) Garage face for pit row

                                                            5) Cover infrared flood lamp with “finish line” art work/cover

                                                            I still need to move the work bench into the next room or marshals may have a problem. I also need to make room for bread boxes filled with cars, and pizza eaters. It’s slowly getting there.

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                                                            Avatar photoKen

                                                              I would like to thank my friends that prayed for, and supported me through a few recent tough weeks (tough year actually). I’m finally back home and on the mend.

                                                              The grassy areas were filled in before I left for a week.

                                                              Plus we have 140 bales of hay, and many stacks of tires. A gaggle of orange hazard cones as well.

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                                                              Glad to hear you’re on the mend Ken.

                                                              Hope you have a quick recovery.

                                                              Track is looking great!

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                                                              My Dear Friend, I wish you a prompt recovery.


                                                              The track is looking great, Congratulations

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                                                              Molto benne paisan, The “Mille Manuel”, “LeManuel” or whatever fine moniker you choose to name this track, is looking great! ANd, like all, wishing you the best health. A “gaggle of cones” is good, geese, not so much… :>) I believe I can contribute to conification, and also have a lot of tires you’re welcome to have should you need them; also additional signage should you require…. Happy to see the monitor up and operative. Stay well!

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                                                              Ken, glad to hear you’re back at home and on the road to recovery. Look forward to progress reports on the track, and your health. The track looks great.

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                                                              Avatar photoKen

                                                                Bill, Luis, Drew, and John,

                                                                I humbly thank you for your kind words of encouragement.

                                                                I thought they were kidding when they said 6 to 8-weeks recovery. Apparently not.

                                                                Art is an amazing track builder. He’s done most of the work so far. I was more of a general helper.

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                                                                Avatar photoKen

                                                                  Further progress on the scenery details. The rocks look like… rocks!

                                                                  Art came by and tinted the rock formations. Truly an artist’s touch.

                                                                  When it came time to choose a tint either gray or brown for the rocks. I simply said “Make it look like Bancroft!” I got my wish.

                                                                  The earth coloured base is ready for grass. Striped borders, hay bales, and grass is next.

                                                                  Then I need to prep the rest of the room to host races. Looking forward to it.

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                                                                  Nice …. Look forward to running on it Ken!

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                                                                  Somehow I missed the post and pics of the scenic updates, the Rocks are Rockin’, look amazing!!!

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                                                                  Avatar photoKen

                                                                    The grass was finished off tonight. It looks amazing!

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                                                                      Looks great Ken! Curbs, straw bales and other goodies next! Almost at the finish line!

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                                                                      Avatar photoKen

                                                                        It looks great thanks to you, Art. You did all the work. I was merely the clean up crew.



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                                                                        Nice progress!

                                                                        looks like a neck turner 😉

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                                                                          Actually you don’t need to turn your head at all to see the whole track! Ha Ha Ha Ha!

                                                                          But on a serious side it works really well for two car racing in a small space.

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                                                                          Avatar photoGI

                                                                            Looking good KensRedZed!

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                                                                            Glad the “Grass” I gave you was primo man… LOL Track is looking great!

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                                                                            Avatar photoKen


                                                                              Thank you very kindly for the donation of lawn and trees. Looks great!

                                                                              Art barely used half. I will return the rest so you can make repairs to your lawn in the future.

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                                                                              Wow Ken, that track looks great, Congratulations

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                                                                              Avatar photoKen

                                                                                The track room has been rather dark since the ballast stopped working on one side. The ballast is tucked away behind a curtain and not very easy to get to. It’s tough to make progress on the track or even race when you can’t see. The track has been dormant for a while.

                                                                                JonnyRocket came over today and helped fix the ballast and install some new track lighting. We also stuck a few pics on the walls.

                                                                                What a difference. I’m once again inspired to keep moving ahead. The cars absolutely sparkle under the LED lighting. Breathtaking.

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                                                                                  Looking very good so far Ken and the finish line is in sight! I guess curbs, gantry cover and some foliage are all that’s left… won’t be long now!!! Keep riding that wave of inspiration!

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                                                                                  Avatar photoGI

                                                                                    I remember being in the room before there was a track and I must say the transformation is amazing!  Love the pictures on the wall.

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                                                                                    Spectaculare(said w Italian accent)! I prolly have some lichen you’re welcome to if you wish, just have to look/unearth…LMK

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