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      Avatar photoKen

        Coming soon. The Datsun 510.

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        Avatar photoGI

          A very important person in the early days of Slot Car racing in the Toronto area was the late George Maxwell (originator of the Mini Grid store).  In the 1960’s, he had a Slot Car track in his home called Maxport.   As a young boy, I would read about all the racing that took place there in Car Model magazine.   His track was also featured in a Macleans magazine article, can you imagine our hobby gets mentioned in a popular national magazine?

          George also raced a 1:1 car and it happened to be a Datsun 510.



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              GI – this response was automatically flagged as spam by the anti-spam software and therefore not automatically posted – I’m not sure why – but I’ve released it – my apologies for the delay in doing so.

              Thank you for posting!


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              Don’t we have a class for this??? 😉

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              Avatar photoGI

                This would fit the TA+ class – yes?

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                Avatar photoKen

                  I wonder if this is Slot.Its response to the RevoSlot Juniors like the Alfa? It would be an interesting race. Both are Trans Am cars. Slot.It would be a lighter car.

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                  Avatar photoKen

                    I thought I was going to buy one of the new Thunderslot GT350’s when I heard about them. Turns out they are not worth the price. Lunchbag let down.

                    I’ll gladly buy a Slot.It Datsun 510 if it’s at a normal price. It’s a neat old car.

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                    Thanks for the info GI.

                    I didn’t know George raced.

                    The slot it looks great!

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                    Ken, I’d wager you have both of those cars, in H.O, we all did! :>) Let’s see em.

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                    Avatar photoKen

                      Hi Drew,

                      You clearly know your HO collectors. I don’t have the blue one. But I have the red 510 and matching 240Z.

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