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      I am a retired photographer, and new to this site.  I am returning to Toronto after almost 25 years in Vancouver, where I was involved in the slot car scene there.  I built a track in my basement in Toronto…


      Yes, it’s white!  The track is a glossy, white laminate (kitchen cabinet) that is NOT melamine!  Traction is extremely good because the surface is so smooth!  Each lane has it’s own power supply, and the voltage is variable from 0-30 v, and 10 amps behind it.  I have a new timing system that allows anyone to race anything against anyone, racing anything!  It is a bracket system invented by a very smart fellow in Vancouver!

      I love to photograph these cars!




      If you have cars you are proud of, I will gladly photograph them for you at no charge!

      Thanks for looking.



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      Avatar photoKen

        Hello Doug,


        Welcome to Scratch32! Nice to have a pro-photographer on board.

        Thank you again for inviting me to try out your track. It’s huge!

        I look forward to learning how you take such amazing pics of these slot cars!

        Warm regards,


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          Welcome Doug

          I guess Vancouver’s loss is our gain. Splendid photos, most of my cars adhere to the 3 foot rule but with the right filter… Your track looks great and very challenging and your basement looks very comfy. Is your track  braided or taped (looks like braid in the photos). Bye the way what part of the city do you live in?



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        Thanks Ken!  Tested negative yesterday, and am symptom free…might try to make the show this weekend!

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          The track is tape, but I used extra thick copper this time, and on a 91′ track, no jumpers!  I’m in between Yonge and Mt. Pleasant, just north of St. Clair.  The people that have tried out the track are surprised by the traction…it’s pretty crazy!

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        Avatar photoKen

          Hi Doug,

          Unfortunately the Group-25 meeting was last Saturday. They are once a month. Usually the second Saturday of the month.

          But the Group-25 slot car flea market is coming up March 5th. See you there!!!

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          Avatar photoGI

            Welcome back from the “Left Coast”.  Always nice to have new blood on the Forum and look forward to more of your amazing photo’s.  (I’ve seen your work on the other Boards).

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              Thanks for the warm welcome…I certainly appreciate it!

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            Hello ‘FotoDoug’! :>) Welcome to the site; I recognize your excellent work from old SCI days. Your setup/track looks very interesting indeed.

            Perhaps will meet at the Show on the 5th.



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              Thanks Drew…I will certainly be there!

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            Avatar photoKen

              Greetings from Doug. Here’s his latest artwork. He’s having trouble posting. I thought I would help him out.

              NSR Mosler.

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              Wow! Great photos and great looking track!

              welcome Doug.


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                Thanks Bill…here’s one I did today!

                Miller at sunset

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                  Very nice work Doug! Thank you for sharing your pics!

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                Avatar photoKen


                  The pic looks amazing!

                  Nice to see you at the show today too.

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                  Nothing like a good, old fashioned flash back!

                  Flash back

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                      Hi Doug, …the above Led Zeppelin post was flagged as spam and sent to the spam folder… not sure why… very cool and clearly not spam though! Thanks for sharing!

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                    Beautiful, impressive  art work Doug.

                    Also the track looks great.

                    Welcome to the club


                    Best Regards


                    Luis Meza

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                      Thanks Luis, Ernie just dropped off this production model this morning…the Shadows will be here soon apparently!

                      …and here is a new addition to my garage…

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                    Avatar photoKen


                      Nice looking stuff!


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