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      I was fortunate enough to get a few sets of the new white walls hot out of the molds. Four D8WW’s, and four D11WW’s.

      These are quite different in that the white rubber is molded deep into the tire. You can hit the curb as many times as you like. The white walls are never going to rub off. Not even a little. D8WW cut-away seen below.

      The D11WW’s below look fantastic too!

      The D11’s are on Slot.It 15.8 x 8.2 wheels, The D8WW’s are on RS Slots 14 x 7 wheels.

      These staggered wheels and tires are about to go on a “Boulevard Cruiser”. More pics to follow. It’s going to be a “White wall” summer. :yahoo:

      White walls are available in the following sizes. SC0120,  D8, D9, and D11.

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      I like to paint bodies, and make chassis. How may I help you build your car?

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