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      Building a Front Motor Indy Roadster (Part 2 & 3)


      This is parts two and three to conclude this series. We will finalize the rules for this class and get into the meat of building a scratch low power front motor model with an offset drive shaft for a Watson Special and which parts you might try to use. DArt already has a suitable front motor Watson body kit (with a beautiful optically clear plastic windscreen) based on the rare AMT 1:32 kit and oversized DArt tires for this project...

      Registration opens at 01-10-2021 00:00

      Registration closes at 01-11-2021 14:00

      Max Participants: 7

      Registered Users:

      1. artdart
      2. f1nutz
      3. Jimbo

      Registration is currently closed.

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      Looking forward to these!

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      I’ve added two more spots (up to 7 now). We will also have a free practice on track session for all roadsters/chassis – bring your controller if you want to test your build regardless of what stage it is at… (ie. bare chassis, chassis & unpainted body or complete)…

      …doors will open at 6pm and the format will be quite fluid…

      …now get building!!!

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      I’ll post some pictures of all of the parts used along with progress on the build so far… I did decide not to proceed with the offset intermediate drive shaft on this my first front motor roadster chassis build – perhaps the second one will have that feature – but I wanted to get one built and ready for the first Roadster 500 before experimenting further… stay tuned…

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      To follow this build please go to the link here.

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