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      Avatar photoKen

        Thoughts have recently been exchanged at the last race about the modern F1 class. Many intersting points were made.

        I bought a Scalex modern F1 last Thursday night. It hit the floor twice on Saturday, and is now broken. The reason I bought it was because my other car sucks and is in need of a total rebuild. Now I have two Scalex cars in need of major repairs.

        I looked at Electric Dreams to see what a new Scalex car retails for. The average is $100 in US funds. There’s an one ugly one in the bunch for $65 US. Many are as high as $129 to $149 just for an ordinary F1 car.

        Here’s the car I bought last Thursday. It’s available at Electric Dreams for $129 US funds.


        This car below is also $129 in US funds.


        While on the same site, I checked out Policar modern F1’s.

        They start at $54.95 US for a generic coloured car.


        A fully decorated car like the one below goes as high as $64.95 USD. Not all that expensive.

        Instead of changing everything at once and pushing everyone into totally changing cars for this class. Can we add the Policar brand to the modern F1 class?

        If the Policar F1 is a lot cheaper, readily available, and a slightly better platform. Everyone should have no trouble phasing out the Scalex cars on their own over time. If someone is fully dedicated to their Scalex car, and talented at tuning them. Why not keep them going too?

        Just some food for thought since there were a few broken F1 cars last Saturday. I’m not looking forward to fixing either of my Scalex F1’s.


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        I agree with Ken and have suggested this to another group of racers a couple of years ago.

        I don’t see any reason why we would stay with old technology when there are newer, superior models of the same class car available.  I would suggest we include the Policar modern F1 cars in the modern F1 class.  Individuals that want to continue using the older, more fragile Scalextric models are free to continue but their inferior results will likely nudge them gently towards the Policar models over time.  The current rule restrictions to the Scalextric models would remain the same, save and except the track width which should be modified to match the 67mm RTR wheel track of the Policar models.  Perhaps we can modify both Scalextric and Policar models to a 65mm maximum-this would make the older Scalextric F1 competitive.  KK tested a modern Policar F1 car against a Scalextric F1 car; both with a 65mm rear wheel track and found them to be equivalent.

        For the Policar F1 cars, I would suggest we keep it as a stock class with 3:1 gearing (using the 17T crown that all RTR cars come with) but you can upgrade the plastic wheels with aluminium wheels.  Maximum rear wheel diameter for both Scaly and Policar models should be the same.



        In addition to this, we should add the new NSR and Scaleauto late 1980’s and early 1990’s F1 cars to the F1 Unlimited class.  This class would include these RTR models but also any other F1 model from 1980 to current, with any chassis, any motor, with any gearing.  The wheel track width would be 67MM (the stock width for the NSR 1980’s RTR models).  The only item left to agree on is the maximum rear wheel diameter.  I would suggest 22mm.


        As most of you know, we have already been racing the F1 Unlimited Class at the Riverhampton.  Is it time to make these new NSR and Scaleauto models F1U cars in the official S32 club rules?


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        Avatar photoJoe


          If you look at Pendles site in the spares section under chassis, it looks like they have a replacement chassis for that car. It list at 4 pounds.


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          Avatar photoKen


            Thank you very kindly. It’s usually shipping prices from the UK that pushes the price up.

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              As it stands our current Modern F1 rules focus only on the Scaley version of newer F1 models:

              Modern F1 (F1)
              Eligible Models: Any ‘stock’ modern Scalextric (2000 and newer) F1 model
              Motor – must be a ‘stock’ Scalextric S-can or slim motor – whichever came with the model
              Maximum overall width not to exceed 58mm
              Optional Modifications:Guide – may be replaced by any 1:32 guide and adapter
              Rear Wheels – any 12mm (or smaller) wheel may be used – rear suspension detail may be modified to accommodate wheels
              Rear Tires – any DArt ‘Club’ series urethane replacement tire
              Front Tires – ‘stock’ or any DArt ‘Club’ series urethane replacement tire
              Rear Axle – may be replaced by a solid axle
              Bushings – rear nylon/plastic bushings may be replaced with bronze/oilite bushings
              Weight – may be added anywhere to the chassis or body provided it is concealed by the body – no weight may be added underneath the front wing or underneath the chassis
              Spacers/Washers – may be used on the rear axle (inboard or outboard) and on the front axle (outboard only)
              Gearing – stock gears may be replaced by any 27T crown gear together with a 9T pinion or any 24T crown gear together with an 8T pinion
              Chassis Bracing – The portion from the driver to the rear of the chassis may be braced or strengthened using any material but both chassis and any modification thereto must remain unpainted and not concealed by any substance so that any such modification is clearly visible if the body is removed. Bodies and chassis may not be cut or altered to accommodate bracing

              As noted in prior replies (above) other groups are embracing several modern F1 models from a variety of manufacturers which are faster, more durable and nearly the same price.

              Therefore it could be time to finally bring some glory (and sanity) back to the Modern F1 class by permitting any modern model (2000 and newer), any make, any chassis (scratch or RTR), any motor, any gearing, any wheels, any size DArt club series tire… basically an open class but for year of model, DArt tires and maximum width (TBD if necessary).

              Let us canvass this potential change with everyone to see if we have a consensus in time for the Fall calendar – either reply to this thread or discuss in person… Thank you in advance for your further input…

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              Avatar photoGI

                Yes, I think it is time to change the Modern F1 Class and by opening it up, it still allows those who have Scaley cars to run them.

                Change is difficult but the newer cars (Policar, NSR) does provide a more sturdy platform and hopefully less breakage in crashes.

                Kudos to R32 for bringing this up and hopefully making it happen.



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                Avatar photoKen

                  Hi Art,

                  I’m with Gary. This is a good thing.

                  I already have a Policar F1 silver kit, and simply need to assemble it. I’m just waiting for the green flag.

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