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        Our Model Database is now taking shape. Our growing list of models can be found under the Model Database link/tab. This database is searchable and contains all of the model data supplied by each builder. To view all of a model’s data simply click on the model. I am adding models every day so I will get to them all… incomplete or incoherent model information will be ignored and a new form will need to be submitted… I hope to have all of our open wheel models within the database prior to Ringwood XX.

        You will note that every model now has a unique Scratch32 MIN (Model Identification Number).

        Under the Links/Media heading can be found a .jpg image of the Model Database Card for that model. This card contains all of the information relevant to that model. Cards are being added daily. Here’s an example:

        Now when registering previously raced models for an event you can simply refer to the MIN or paste a copy of the Model Database Card into your sub-forum reply. Only new or unregistered models will require the submission of a race entrant form… you still need to register your models under the appropriate sub-forum registration thread so don’t forget to still do that.

        Should there be any change/update/additional info to the model you can make note of that change at the time of registration within your sub-forum reply as well. I will make the changes to the database. Model Database Cards will not be updated right away but at some point in the future.

        These cards will make organizing and administrating every event/race easier as well.   :good:

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          Thank you Michael for lending me your laminating machine – I’ll now be able (I hope) to laminate Model Database Cards for every entry presented to the grid – sort of like hockey/playing cards… it is only getting better…

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