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      Thank you to everyone who participates on Scratch32!

      Our philosophy has always been to abstain from ‘pushing’ new information or schedules to your email or phone – something which we are proud not to do. Unfortunately retailers like Pendle, food services like Uber Eats and others are keen and savvy retailers who will push and overwhelm you – which seems to work – otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it. Push a picture of a new product and provide a link to quickly pay for it – done! Then count the money at the end of the day… I get it but I don’t like it – nor do I need it – but I’m not you either, so you might prefer that…

      On our site we do have dynamic classifieds and event sign up periods, so checking back often has its advantages… but it is not designed to be stressful since this is our hobby, and it is only a hobby – nothing more. So you’ll only check in as often as you can or even wish to.

      But the world doesn’t stand still either – so you’ll benefit more from checking in more often.

      DArt – our title sponsor – effective immediately will host their catalogue on our site in their own area. The DArt eSHOP remains online through square and is a separate secure store from which all of you can purchase quality products. Links to both are in our header menu and the DArts eSHOP is featured in our footer menu. Please do support our title sponsor. Email DArt directly at 132dart@gmail.com for any parts you need if you can’t find them in the eSHOP.

      KRZ – is another contributor in 2021 and creates exceptional custom alloy chassis – please support KRZ – you will not be disappointed.

      Our dynamic calendar is updated daily with events, races, workshops, and meets… so another reason to check back often…

      We have a number of Scratch32 events and R32 races on the docket now and we’ll finish off the 2021 calendar with many more…

      2022 will bring more opportunities and new options for all of us – so check in often…

      If you prefer to have info pushed to you please email me and I’ll put you on a push list – but I hope never to need to do that. If there is enough interest I will create a push list to commence in 2022…

      Please feel free to email me at scratch32.com@gmail.com .

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      As 2022 is now just weeks away here is an update as to where scratch32 appears to be headed:

      • Several events remain popular and therefore should continue without change:
        • Ringwood;
        • Coppa D’oro;
        • Player’s 200;
        • Targa Florio; and
        • La Carrera Panamericana.

      Given interest in the following new classes:

      • Boulevard cruisers;
      • Indy Roadsters; and
      • Trans Am.

      we will retire CANAM Thunder and remove Hot Rods and CANAM from The International Meisterschaft and in their place create a new event called American Thunder with Hot Rods (4 sub classes),  Boulevard Cruisers, Trans Am & CANAM. The International Meisterschaft will continue on with Sportscars, Sportscars Plus & Classic Era Prototypes and Sportscars.

      Interest in Indy Roadsters will warrant an Indy Roadster 500 event which could or could not be supplemented with a more modern (1990’s on) Indy Car series – but time will tell – for now expect to see an Indy Roadster 500 event on the calendar in 2022.

      So, in 2022 it looks like we will have the following Scratch32 events:

      • Ringwood (1950’s GP, 1.5L GP, 3.0L GP, 1970’s GP;
      • Coppa D’oro (PGP & PGP+);
      • Player’s 200 (1960-1965);
      • Targa Florio;
      • La Carrera Panamericana;
      • Internationale Meisterschaft (SP, SP+, Classic Era Prototype & Sportscar);
      • Indy Roadster 500; and
      • American Thunder (HR (SR, SM, RR & GASSER), BC, TA/TA+, CA).

      For these new classes I would be shocked if you haven’t started building models since we’ve been posting and discussing these new classes for several years now. If you haven’t, make sure to prioritize your builds to get an Indy Roadster at the top of your list, followed by Boulevard Cruisers and Trans Am (tied) second. The rest is all gravy.

      As you can see we have 8 new events to fit into 4 months. Right now that means that some events may not be reached for 5 or 6 months… but we’ll figure something out…

      In 2022 we have the following tracks lined up:

      • The Ring (Scratch32 & R32 – Monday Nights);
      • The Dale (R32 – Monday Nights);
      • Spa Lyons (R32 – Monday Nights);
      • Molto VeLoce (Scratch32 & R32 – Saturdays);
      • Goodwood II (R32 – Saturdays).

      with our first three hosting every month and MVL & GWII alternating every month on a Saturday. If The Dale or Spa Lyons are unable to host in any month then The Ring will pick up that R32 date.

      Unfortunately with the new Omicron variant in play we will need to be extra cautious and for this reason please remember to bring and wear your masks at all Scratch32 and R32 events until further notice.

      Two more important points:

      1. If you are hesitant to attend but have built a model (or two) for one of our events you are more than welcome to enter it and nominate a proxy pilot for your team to race it in the event. Your models will then be eligible for entry in our database provided they are registered. Make arrangements directly with me to receive and return your models – which I would be happy to facilitate…
      2. Hosts for R32 events pick classes they host and if enough notice is given the dates every month. So if you are a host ideally let me know  your preferred dates and classes for this Winter schedule (the next four months (till the end of April)) – the sooner the better.

      I will put together the Winter schedule dates on December 27 – 30. I therefor ask hosts to let me know their preferences before the 27th…

      For anyone nervous about traveling to events at Goodwood II this winter I will be happy to chauffeur provided I have room in my carriage. Please remember that you can do your in person slot car shopping then too. MiniGrid does have some of the best prices in Canada for certain things, especially slot it cars and parts!



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        Some great news for 2022!

        I have it on good authority from DArt himself that later this winter we will have a new four lane DArt track to add to our existing rotation right here in Mississauga, ON! This two month project will be the largest and longest DArt track ever built and will complement a games room featuring golf and racing simulations among other things.

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      Art, I can see myself opting to use the proxy alternative for the Indy Roadster class. I have a Boulevard Cruiser body built and will have to figure out a chassis.  Plus there are the old reliable as well. So for me the proxy route will have to be the way to go in the short term in 2022.  And, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to the S32 group.

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      Merry Christmas Everyone!

      Here’s hoping for a safe, happy and healthy New Year.




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      Merry Christmas & Best Wishes this Holiday Season from scratch32!

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      A new year and a new beginning (almost)!

      With the Omicron variant on the rise we will extend our Christmas break and push back the start of the 2022 winter season for both S32 and R32 for two more weeks – now until January 17.

      Hang in there and we’ll see everyone later this month!!!

      In the meantime get building!!!

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      Was just about to sign up. Thx for the heads up. See you in a couple weeks.

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      Apple became the first entity to reach a 3T $ market value. This multiplied from 2T in 2020. So the pandemic didn’t hurt everyone.

      This equals the GDP of either Britain or India.

      Better run out and get that replacement dongle I lost… (just kidding – I hate apple products and haven’t bought one since 2004)…

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      We’ve extended our Christmas break and pushed back our first R32 venue due to the current uncertainty of Omicron. The winter schedule for Scratch32 will be posted till we have a better idea of when we will return to racing, but I can advise that we will begin the Scratch32 season with our most popular event – Ringwood.

      I am still hopeful that R32 will return to Goodwood II on the last Saturday of January to launch the return of one of my favourite DArt 3 lane tracks.

      Also, things at MVL are going strong despite the shortage of exotic cars… if you want to see the new Ferrari hybrid they have one… man is the world changing quickly…

      MiniGrid will be closing its retail location on the 15th and currently they have a 50% off sale on everything – so get what you can… especially those slot.it parts for your builds…

      In the meantime stay well and keep building…

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      • This reply was modified 5 months, 2 weeks ago by Art.
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      Due to the continuing spread of Omicron we will again postpone racing for another two weeks. Please check our calendar for details…

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      In light of the health mess we are currently in I think that is a good decision. As well, mother nature is not supposed to be too kind to us tonight and tomorrow.

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      Sounds like a good plan.

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      Commencing February, 2022, please check out the What’s Happening! menu bar to see what’s going on on your favourite tracks. Every host will manage and plan their own schedule through their own sub forum. I will add races or events in our overall calendar which adopt R32 rules and are open to all scratch32 members after they are posted by the host within their own sub forum. Of course hosts are also free to add private events by their own invitation only should they wish along with results from any race or event run on their track regardless of group. Cheers!

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