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      Well, embarking on this new platform can be quite intimidating especially since there are so many kits, parts and approaches to remote control fun.

      For now let’s keep things simple and stick generally to stock parts, gearing, motors, transmitters, etc. that come with any Kyosho RWD Readyset. Let’s also cast a wide net and focus on models that are more or less readily available plus those that we might strive to acquire – so Grp C, GT and JGTC would be a safe start – all with a racing livery (real or fantasy). Perhaps one day we’ll also see Classic LeMans and 50s/60s Sportscars since ASC bodies/wheels already exist. An AWD Rally class and a FWD compact model class are current options too. And then there is the real possibility of modifying the Mini-Z platform with a few custom parts to accomodate 24/25th scale models – and that opens up a whole new world…

      Add any batteries along with a few basic parts such as replacement wheel lock nuts, 2mm and 3mm spacers, DArt urethane tires (in several compounds), any front bumper, any light kit or anything else which is cheap, easily obtained or can be fabricated by the modeller themself. I am also advised that Mister Mini-Z (aka DArt) will clone some MR-03 chassis parts, MM and LM motor mounts, bodies, body parts and mounts to ensure we always have replacements for our group.

      These 1:28th entry level Mini-Z models share much in common with our 1:32nd slot cars – both good and bad:

      -the stock motor is a Mabuchi S can with push on pinion;

      -motor configuration for all RWD versions is a simple sidewinder;

      -chassis, motor pods, wheels, gears and bodies are plastic;

      -the front wheels and rear end (axle &  differential) use bearings (7 in total) – rather than bushings – but still have noticeable slop – which can be reduced with spacers but in my opinion need not be addressed to still enjoy these models; and

      -several 32nd scale blueprinting techniques can be used to enhance handling and performance beyond what came in the box – and will be shared here. This may not appeal to those with a background in 24th scale but that’s the hand we have to play if we want to stay in the game. Remember that we’ve taken 32nd to a whole new level so why not this?

      But the takeaway should be that this scale/platform is fun right out of the box keeping in mind that improvements are possible and upgrades always available. How far one wishes to go may be the million dollar question – but not for our group – not now – we’ll try our best to enjoy these models as they come.

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