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      Shod with DArt Club Series urethane replacement tires running these vintage Cox, Monogram, et al slot cars at Nova Ridge was a blast!

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      Avatar photoKen

        It was great to try a few vintage Cox cars. They are cool in thier own way.

        Even though 1/25 scale is 4% smaller than 1/24. That 1/25 Chevy Impala is a monster compared to the rest of the 1/24 cars.

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        Avatar photoKen

          I just noticed the black Hot Rod in the background of the first photo. I remember it was so tall, that it actually hit the overpass with a loud “Tock” sound. Everyone turned around and wondered what happened. We were looking for broken car parts. Nothing broke off. But there’s a large scrape on the roof, and a matching mark under the overpass.

          In case anyone was wondering? Trucks likely won’t fit the Nova Ridge track.

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          Great fun! Thanks for hosting. It was fun to get these vintage cars out for a few laps.

          that vette in the back also looks huge!

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          Avatar photoKen

            Another fun day of 1/24-1/25 experiments at Nova Ridge. Passing requires a calculated effort to keep it clean. These are definately trading paint.

            These cars are a real pleasure to drive.

            My apologies to Felix. I missed taking a pic of his super cool Monte Carlo.

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            It’s fun to experiment!!!

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            A fun time, enjoyed trading paint and racing door to door with this very evenly matched class.

            Thanks for hosting Art!

            I’ll have to do a few laps on the racing simulator next time out.

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            I built a Monte Carlo for this 1/25’th scale group, that I’ve illustrated in another reply post.

            During our test session, I was surprised how well it ran on the track, especially considering that my chassis was assembled from left over bits and pieces; chassis components never designed for such a long body. So I thought, if I’ve gone to the trouble of building one, I might as well add another body as an alternate. At the Nova Ridge race last Saturday, Ken brought along the last two body kits, and I ended up buying both; the Starliner and the Bel Air. Good salesman!

            Today Ken graciously invited me to pick up some parts from him for one of the body kits. I got an opportunity to see his excellent workshop, and some of his special techniques. I was able to see his professional machining equipment, and discuss some of the materials, methods and practices, with an expert !  (Things that I have to resort to doing by hand using various amateur tricks, when I’m making chassis parts.)  He also showed me the progress on his ingenious down-draft paint booth.

            An enlightening visit; thanks Ken!

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            Avatar photoKen

              You’re welcome back anytime, Felix. It was my pleasure.

              This is the latest addition to the Big Bruiser class. MIA brought his latest 1963 Chevy low-rider Impala out to play. It sure sparkled going down the track.

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              Nice build MIA!

              Sorry I couldn’t make it this time. Had a prior commitment to go to the vintage race at Mosport.

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              That is 1 Heavy Chevy!!!  How did you achieve the design detail/panels, looks AMAZING, assuming they’re a decal kit for this model? If it wasn’t included in kit, where’d you source?

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                Avatar photoMiA

                  Wish I could take even a little bit of credit, but it was tiny elves, deep in the gold mine, with much more nimble fingers than I have!

                  My substantial contribution was to roll it onto it’s roof!!

                  The lighting is not too good in the gold mine,

                  but here they are hard at work!!

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                I’m calling this one done, for now…

                Finally got round to doing the interior and the paint detail.

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                Avatar photoKen

                  Neat looking car, F1Nutz!

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                  Avatar photoKen

                    I’m admiring everyone’s nicely painted cars. They all look great!

                    I’m pondering a colour change for the 65 Impala. Here are the factory colour choices. This narrows it down a bit. No? Only 15 colours.

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                    Avatar photoKen

                      I think I found the right colour. Only 3-weeks until the meet. It’s been in “Super Clean” since earlier today. I’m crossing my fingers that the old paint comes off.

                      I really like the wheels!

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                      Lots goin on here…MiA with his Elves(thought the only 1’s you knew were ‘Keebler’) hahaha…Red White and Blue, Ol’ Glory looking great, and KRZ, excellent colour choice! The wheels are EXACTLY the style(Cragar or Torqthrust) that I’m trying to source, so our Art-ist extraordinaire can fashion sets for us. I think they’d look amazing on my soon to be finished(I hope) Impala 

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                      Avatar photoKen

                        The dark blue 1965 Impala has been in Super Clean since… forever (at least 2-weeks). It has only removed some of the dark blue paint. It has thick blotches of paint that simply won’t come off. Yellow won’t cover the blue properly. The body has been put on the back burner along with the chassis until I figure this out.

                        I need something for the next S24 event. Luckily I have other bodies already painted. A new chassis was made last night.

                        An Olds 442 was considered a “Gentleman’s muscle car” back in the 60’s. With a W30 engine package, it had 370hp. Sure… a gentleman that goes sideways up the street and smokes the tires off the rims. Count me in!

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                        Avatar photoKen

                          The milling machine has been busy. Here’s a new Starliner chassis for Jim. One chassis for Drew’s green Impala. And another for that Ken guy.

                          Update on the 65 Impala. Apparently there’s something much stronger than Super Clean to strip paint from models. Easy-Off over cleaner. There’s hope for the old body yet. We’ll see shortly.

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                          Avatar photoKen

                            This is how the body looks after 2-weeks in Super Clean. Barely made a dent in the paint.

                            The hood passed the Easy-Off test with flying colours. It soaked over night. The body is now soaking in Easy-Off. The foam was already turning blue the moment it got sprayed. I am ever hopeful to eventually have a yellow 65 Impala.

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                            Avatar photoKen

                              Easy-Off is the ticket for old and tough acrylic model paint. Soaking overnight in Easy-Off got the body cleaned up inside and out. I am amazed.

                              That made it possible to change to yellow without using primer. Is it perfect? Not even close. However, I plan to scratch the paint myself while racing it. It is after all a Big Bruiser class car.

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                              Avatar photoKen

                                The Olds 442 fell on its roof during the painting process. It was a very windy day when it got painted. A vinyl roof was in the works anyways. The kit actually suggests it.

                                Lots of chrome work to go yet to make it look like the built kit.

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                                Avatar photoKen

                                  Wheels & Wings had a sale. These were only $28. Resist I could not.

                                  This isn’t for Nova Ridge. I am looking at smaller cars to possibly fit my track.

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                                  I saw that Jag kit at Michael’s a while back and meant to pick one up.

                                  is the body all one piece or did you assemble and paint it?

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                                  Avatar photoKen

                                    It comes in red plastic. It’s a two piece body. The hood opens forward. I’ll easily glue it together.

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                                    Avatar photoKen

                                      I was not aware that the 64 Mercury Marauder is a 2021 retro re-issue. Very interesting (the sound of crickets…).

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                                      Avatar photoKen

                                        I went looking for a kit for a friend. That caused me to hunt down all the kits from all the closets, nooks and crannies.

                                        I’ve been collecting these for many years in hopes of working on a few when I retire. Never thought to make slot cars out of them. About half of them came from Marty and Cindy at very reasonable prices. Nothing is considered a worthy “collectable”.

                                        On the bright side. My wife is happy she has her closet space back. It’s a win-win situation.

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