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      Hi gents, I believe the only class/race eligible for King Cobra/Cooper Monaco would be the “Players 200”, correct?



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      The “Players 200” is an S32 event. Or at least it started that way.

      Much to my surprise, I was allowed to race a 1963 Cooper Ford as a Sportscar at the last R32 event at MVL.

      I think it depends on which part of the club is racing. S32 or R32?

      I hope this helps?

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      Hi Ken, I was asking because I’d like to race mine sometime, as I’m sure some have raced before, however, I don’t believe the car actually competed in events as per the rules described below:

      Any 1960’s era Sportscar (production or prototype) that competed in an endurance race between 1960 and 1969 lasting at minimum 6 hours, 1000 kilometers or over multiple stages spanning several days


      Will await verdict.

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      Thank you for the question.

      After some discussion yesterday we’ve decided to add a separate USRRC/SCCA sportscar class to the R32 set of classes which will adopt the Scratch32 Pre-CANAM class rules. This class will debut in R32 when we return to The River on Saturday June 11… stay tuned.

      We might want to rename our existing sportscar class (including our 1950’s sportscar and 1960’s sportscar subclasses) to ‘Endurance Sportscar’ (1950’s Endurance Sportscar and 1960’s endurance sportscar subclasses).

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