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      Well I got a little bored over the weekend and I’ve had one of these parked in the corner of the race room for a while now.



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      It’s a 1/32 die cast made by a company called Kinsmart. Well the top is die cast but the bottom is plastic. I thought it would make good track scenery when I bought it years ago, but what better scenery than a slot car transporter?

      Pete Lovely used the pickup version of the VW Bus back in the 60’s to transport their F1 cars to and from the circuit.



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      So out came the dremel and I cut off the back part of the upper die cast body and trimmed down the plastic lower body to the proportions of the pickup bed.



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      Now the hard work begins. I just need to fabricate the back of the pickup cab and the pickup bed.


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      But where will all the Groovy Hippy’s hang out now??? :>) Great start!!

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      Probably down in the woods at the back end of Mosport 😉

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        The VW bus and the Lotus too!!! Can’t wait to see it when it is finished!

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        1st coat of paint. Went with blue but I may go with an off white to better match the car.

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        The Lotus is a standard issue Scalextric.

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        Avatar photoKen

          Cool looking diorama.

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          Avatar photoGI

            The image of Pete Lovely’s VW transporter brings back memories.   I recall seeing a picture in a Race Magazine unloading the Lotus for a Continental Race (Formula 5000) with his wife helping out.

            It must have been tricky loading the car backwards on to the VW bed.  The rear tires look to be hanging over the edge.


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            Yes I’ve seen that picture as well. In the picture above you can see the wooden planks on the rear deck that they clipped on the back of those extensions for the front wheels. No doubt the nose would need to be removed to avoid it scraping the ground. I suspect part the rear exhaust is also remove to get the Lotus that tight up to the VW cab.

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            Avatar photoMiA

              And of course not to be confused with John Love  who was responsible for bringing Team Gunston sponsorship to the auto racing community way back when.

              Great build Bill!

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              Avatar photoGI

                So I was searching for the image of Pete Lovely unloading his Lotus with the help of his wife and could not find it.  Then I realized I Googled John Love  instead of Pete Lovely.

                Lovely, Love, Luv – easy mistake, it got me!

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                Getting closer.

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                Avatar photoGI

                  That’s the picture.   Nice looking pit crew!

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