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        IronFinger Challenge III

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          Guess the final distance – closest (over or under) wins a pair of SI0201 DArt urethane tires… :good:

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            Due to covid19 concerns attendance @ The Ring will be restricted to one other racer… and Ken has graciously volunteered to participate as a casual racer… Cheers!

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            Avatar photoKen

              Thank you very kindly for the opportunity Art. I hope I survive all 6-hours. I have some minor questions please.

              I see R32 listed. Does that mean no scratch-built cars?

              I see you are running a 3L car. Are other racers allowed to choose a different class? My Slot.It 3L Alfa is still a bit too fast for me.

              Thanks a million!

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              Avatar photoDB

                That sound really interesting though I am not sure I could concentrate for 6 hours.  Maybe 3!

                My distance guess 60.345 kms

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                Avatar photoKen

                  I apologize for sleeping while reading section 1 of the rules. My S32 car is good to go. :good:

                  6-hours, 7-second intervals. No late night building will be going on Sunday night. I’m going to bed early for a change. :wacko:

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                      A little taste of racing back at The Ring – preparations are already under way for the 6 hour iron finger challenge scheduled for 8am this morning. Skies are clear, current temperature is 8 degrees and rising expected to reach a high of 21. Perfect!

                      DB, so far even if a single lap is not recorded you are the front runner!!! :yes:  Deadline for any guesses is still 8am… :whistle:

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                        Long before sunrise preparations were already underway in the Ferrari garage… as captured by this spy photo…

                        Finally 8am came…

                        Nearly half way… on pace for 3,000 laps…

                        After 6 hours the track went quiet… two models coasted into the pits…

                        All in a days’ work!

                        OFFICIAL RESULT

                        3LM: Slot.It Ferrari 312PB #3T:
                        2,944 Laps = 65,074.54902m = 65.074km

                        Casual Participant – Ken:
                        SP: #27:
                        2,580 Laps

                        Cheers to Ken who not only lasted the full 6 hours but set a very high bar for any SP contender in the green lane with his scratch built SCCA entry.

                        Neither model suffered any performance issues although the rear tires on the 312PB did wear causing some vibration. Neither model received any lubrication or maintenance during the event.

                        Just a single off for the 312PB with under 10 minutes to go when brakes failed.

                        3,000 laps is possible…

                        Congratulations to DB for guessing the closest distance – your tires are here for pickup next time you visit The Ring… :good:

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                          Avatar photoKen

                            Thanks a million for hosting this event. It was an eye opener for me. Boy do I slow down when I talk (I should talk less :good: ).

                            Beautiful photos too!

                            Congrats on almost hitting 3000 laps!

                            The Cooper Ford T-61 is powered by an inline BWMS 050. The least powerful motor we run in our club. I think they’re great little motors.

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                              Your Cooper Ford T-61 ran very consistent laps – low 7 seconds – for most of the 6 hours… over 2,500 laps! Not bad for a cheap $5 motor eh?

                              Check out the results from the last Player’s 200 where it finished first in SP and second overall!

                              No vibration whatsoever by the end of the 6 hours too! :good:

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                                  BTW, just a heads up from darthobbies – pricing on the BWMS050 motor will be $7.50 (cdn) ea. effective Monday June 8 and each motor will come with a set of three 1.5mm solder-on pinions (8, 9 and 10T)…

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                                Six hours wow you two do have an iron finger quite impressive Jim O

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                                Avatar photoKen

                                  I’m not sure iron is the right choice of metal. My finger feels more like spring steel. The trigger felt like a sharp edge after 6-hours.

                                  I had 3-off’s in 6-hours. Not while trying for a fastest lap. Just not paying attention at times.

                                  A personal best and fastest lap of 7.063 seconds with a slow FF050 motor (in the green lane).

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