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        Talk is cheap, especially when it comes to an IROC series… but there might still be time to get the ball rolling for 2024 with a new IROC Challenger Series for both constructors and pilots racing at Nova Ridge and Molto VeLoce with the additional home host track too!


        The platform will be based on a finished DArt Ferrari 312P (with card interior) that is molded in one of 12 unique colours and using mandatory (and provided) DArt wheels, painted inserts & marked club series urethane tires. Each coloured model will have a distinctive livery.

        Chassis, configuration, body mounting system, motor, gearing, and anything else are completely open. Build or assemble it yourself or have anyone else do it for you. Maintain it or improve it after each race or don’t bother touching it. The choice is yours. So long as you bring your working 312P model you can participate and race all of the models in true IROC fashion by rotating through the lanes (and models). With 12 models on a 4 lane track everyone would compete across three rotations:

        • Every model is assigned to a lane and rotation (1Green, 1Yellow, 1Red, 1Blue, 2G, 2Y, 2R, 2B, 3G, 3Y, 3R or 3B) and stays on that lane throughout;
        • Every participant races through the first rotation (european) until everyone has gone;
        • Second and third rotations are raced until everyone has raced every model for an equal amount of time (usually 3 minutes);
        • Both pilot and model/manufacturer results are recorded (top and lowest finish for each model/manufacturer in every race is dropped as well);

        On a three lane home track there will be four rotations instead of three. Any home track will have an opportunity to host up to two races.

        Every participant will provide and maintain their working 312P entry. ‘Working’ means that it is not only raceable but also meets a minimum lap time of 130% of the pole time, although this could be tweaked. If you don’t supply a working 312P entry for that race then you cannot participate in that IROC race.

        Models will be assigned to a lane and rotation after qualifying so that the fastest models will be raced last and models performing alike will race together as much as is possible.

        The top three finishing pilots from the previous race will qualify the models.

        If a model cannot finish a heat then the closest available match will replace it for the duration of the rotation.

        Other tweaks will need to be made but you get the point…

        This will be a separate series and not piggyback R32, S32 or S24 racing. The day, time and frequency will be determined by the availability of the participants who purchase/enter models, but it would be preferable to have the series run at least once monthly.

        The cost of the completed 312P with card interior, four wheels, unmounted & untrued marked tires and painted inserts is $100. An extra set of wheels, unmounted & untrued marked tires and painted inserts is $50… An extra set of wheels, mounted and trued marked tires and painted inserts is $100…

        Any participant may purchase and enter more than one model and will get to race as often as they have working models entered… (so 3 models then 3x the racing and each scored separately – so it would be possible to have one racer take all three podium places…)

        Purchased models are owned and kept by the participant.

        The following molded colours will become available:

        • Green (sold)
        • Yellow (sold)
        • Red (sold)
        • Blue (sold)
        • Charcoal
        • White
        • Orange (sold)
        • Purple
        • Brown/Rust
        • Pink (sold)
        • Baby Blue

        Liveries will use peel and stick decals and models will not have a clear lacquer or acrylic finish.

        Completed liveries and wheels/tires/inserts will be available in December, 2023, on a first come first choice basis. Racing will start on Saturday, February 3, 2024.

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        Avatar photoKen

          Sounds very interesting.

          So there will only be 12-cars made in total?

          Is this the 312P Berlinetta body?

          Just out of curiosity. What size are the wheels/tires please?

          Sorry for the dumb questions.


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              Great questions!

              I’ve mixed some colours that I absolutely love and so now I see more variations in addition to the ones listed… so more uniquely colour molded models may be available…

              With the molded colour there is no need to paint nor will scratches or repairs be as ugly… so perfect for an IROC series…

              The DArt Ferrari 312P model kit is the prototype coupe that raced at LeMans and elsewhere. Some call it a Berlinetta.

              Wheels will be the large 17in DArt wheel with a brand new insert. I may make a special tire but if not it will be the D12B (possibly with raised Goodyear black lettering)… I’ll know by this weekend which way I go… The D12 is the large scale tire we use for boulevard cruisers but will need to be trued down to fit underneath the rather large wheel wells…


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            Avatar photoDB

              Sounds very interesting.  I am in, I like the concept.  A few questions.

              Regarding motor, you said open so there are no restrictions?  So one could use either a stock scaly, Shark 22k, Slot-it, King? The control factor I guess would be a motor that complements the body/chassis set up.

              312P would include windows from you?

              Would there be a proxy component if one could not make a race date for some reason provided a working 312P was delivered to you in time?



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                  Good questions DB!

                  Yes. Open motor/chassis – likely a 25k king or large can will be best and it can fit in a sidewinder configuration underneath this body. I believe some of the Slot.It chassis have the same wheelbase as the 312P so they are an easy option. Or you can scratch build, 3D print, assemble vintage or modern components… or have someone else build it for you too – anything goes!

                  The finished 312P will have my clear windscreen and clear side windows epoxied in place allowing you to see the finished interior cockpit detail…

                  The series will have a separate championship for manufacturer/constructor and pilots.

                  Since it will be an IROC, no need to proxy a driver – just make sure your model is present and in working order and it will be qualified by the top three pilots present and then raced by everyone.

                  For the manufacturer/constructor a single top result and a single bottom result at every race will be dropped, like in ski jumping. For the pilot championship one result from every calendar month will be kept, so if there are two or three races in a single month then to worst one or worst two will be dropped – so personal attendance will only be required once per month.

                  My plan is to have at least one race per month on the same date/time at Nova Ridge. Additional races either at Nova Ridge, MVL or any other DArt home track can be added to the schedule.

                  One other note – you can make any adjustments, changes or upgrades to your entry (but for mandatory parts) at anytime (just not during a race)… unlike a proxy race where after it is sent that is it for the series…

                  Hope this helps answer some of your Qs…

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                Avatar photoDB

                  Thanks Art, Qs answered.



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                    For those interested here is my progress so far…

                    On the colour molded bodies:

                    So far I’ve made:

                    • Green
                    • Yellow
                    • Red
                    • Blue
                    • Purple
                    • Charcoal
                    • Dark Brown
                    • Orange
                    • Gulf Blue
                    • White

                    I plan to make several additional and unique colours including:

                    • Mint Green [insufficient demand to warrant this molded colour]
                    • Violet [insufficient demand to warrant this molded colour]
                    • Flesh Pink Pig [sold]
                    • Beige [insufficient demand to warrant this molded colour]
                    • Light Grey [insufficient demand to warrant this molded colour]
                    • Hot Pink [insufficient demand to warrant this molded colour]

                    Every model will be finished with period appropriate and in some cases psychedelic livery with appropriate clear windscreen/windows, numbers and a painted card interior – all installed and ready to mount to any chassis however you wish. The body and interior must remain as is and unmodified but for mounting system.

                    Marked DArt club series urethane tires, wheels and finished inserts will also be provided and must be used. The wheels and finished inserts must be unmodified. The tires may be glued in place using any adhesive and trued down to any diameter you feel appropriate. You may replace the provided 2-56 set screws but not re-tap or re-drill the existing hole or make any other hole. Should you need replacement or additional wheels, tires or inserts you may purchase and replace or install them at any time throughout the duration of the series.

                    Here’s a sneak peak at the prototype tire, wheel and insert – but the colour of the insert will be finished in a bronze/gold… with some detail added…

                    Given the interest generated today during the conclusion of Ringwood and feedback from others I’ll add the option to purchase the 2024 IROC DArt Ferrari 312P Body Kit in the colour of your choice within my eSHOP later tonight. Individual unique colours will be sold online only on a first come first served basis. Purchased kits will be ready for pickup starting Monday December 18, 2023. The first IROC race will be held at Nova Ridge after the 18th of January at a time and date to be determined – likely on a Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday from 9am until 2pm.

                    Should you have any Qs please reply here or email me directly at [email protected] . Thanks!

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                      2024 IROC Challenger Series Kits are now available online at the eSHOP – one of every molded colour/livery is available on a first come first served basis through the eSHOP. Make sure to select the colour of your choice!


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                      Avatar photoKen

                        These are beautiful cars. This personal Ferrari livery has a wheelbase of 75.6 mm. I left the purple Ferrari for Luis. 🙂

                        Don’t let the camera angle fool you. The rear wheel arch lines up perfectly with the tire.

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                        In addition to ordering a new Ferrari body kit for this IROC series, I bought one a few years back and built two chassis for this model.  I found that the Slot it HRS chassis works perfectly for this body, the wheelbase can be adjusted for a perfect fit, the width also fits nicely and there is no need to make any width reduction.  I set mine up with a Slot it black (25k) flat 6 motor and its a rocket turning times equivalent to my quickest Thunderslot, NSR Gt’s and NSR 1980’s F1 cars.  With this chassis, the model handles very well with two body posts up front and one at the back.

                        A second option is the NSR 908 chassis which has a wheelbase of 76 mm.  This chassis widens at the back towards the rear wheels and requires a little trimming to reduce the widening so that it fits perfectly under this body.  I set up the white chassis (Hard) with an NSR 25k S-Can motor and tested it head to head against the HRS chassis and found that the HRS chassis was a touch faster completing lap times 1/10th of a second faster than this one although both handled equally well.

                        I would rate the handling for both chassis as excellent.

                        I also looked at the Slot it GT40 chassis which has a wheelbase of 75mm and the Alfa Romeo T33 with a wheelbase of 74mm but found that the HRS and NSR 908 or NSR 917 chassis work better under this model.

                        I have attached some photos to illustrate how well the HRS and NSR 908 chassis fit this body.  I currently have the body post set up for the HRS chassis which do not allow the front wheels of the NSR 908 chassis to tuck in under the hood but they do fit perfectly if you decide to go this route, it takes shorter front posts than the HRS chassis.


                        Photo with the HRS chassis mated to the Ferrari body below.  It is not screwed in so there is a gap at the front that does not exist when screwed in…


                        Photo below with the NSR 908 hard white chassis.  The front body posts are set up for the HRS chassis and are taller than what are required for the NSR chassis therefore there is a gap under the front wheel well which would otherwise not exists.


                        As per the photo below, I have one extra HRS chassis which comes complete with an in-line motor pod, guide and screws (new in the package) that is available for $20 to anyone interested, just reply to this post or email me directly (offered to our group only on a COD basis).

                        As you can see in the photo above, I have two extra NSR 908 chassis; a HARD white one ($10), and an EXTRA HARD green one ($15) for anyone interested-these are discounted prices.  You will need to buy the additional parts required to complete the assembly which include, the bushings, guide, motor mount and mounting screws…



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                          That’s some very helpful and welcomed info JMSracer – and thank you for offering a chassis to anyone interested – and for a very fair price… it will be fantastic to compare all of the variants head to head once the racing starts!

                          BTW, We still have many body colours available so if anyone knows someone who is a suitable racer and might wish to participate it isn’t too late for them to purchase their coloured body with interior, wheels, tires and inserts.


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                            Those not participating in the IROC series but who still wish to race in the R32 or S32 support classes are more than welcome to do so but I would ask that they help marshal the IROC series. So the rough raceday format might look as follows for 7 IROC in person participants regardless of how many are present for R32/S32:

                            9:00am – timed practice (only R32/S32 models)

                            9:30am – R32 support race 1

                            10:15am – R32 support race 2

                            11:00am – IROC qualifying

                            11:30am – IROC race – 1st rotation (7 participants – and I’ll supply a second working model to make sure the field of IROC cars is always 8)

                            12:15pm – IROC race – 2nd rotation (7 participants)

                            1:00pm – R32 support race 3

                            1:45pm – R32 support race 4

                            So IROC participants might race up to 6 races/rotations in total while R32/S32 participants might race up to 4 in total. I think this is the best compromise.

                            Since there is no point making/assembling more IROC bodies than we need I’ll set a deadline in the next day or two… should anyone have Qs please email me or reply here…


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                              The deadline for those still wishing to participate in the IROC Challenger Series in 2024 is this Sunday December 24, 2023. Order your colour body online from the eSHOP – several colours are still available. Next week I’ll begin rolling out the ordered kits and included parts and contact you when yours is ready. If you paid for postage then your kit will be mailed to you, otherwise they’ll be available for pickup. Should any extra IROC Ready to Run models be available for purchase by anyone wishing to join the series late they will cost $350 each.

                              Our first race will be on Saturday, February 3, 2024 and thereafter on the first Saturday of every month.


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                                Our racing calendar now includes the IROC Challenger Series starting monthly on February 3, 2024 and thereafter on the 1st Saturday of every month for 2024. Some R32 and S32 classes will sandwich the IROC series on those Saturdays so that we’ll all get plenty of racing in. Those not participating directly in the IROC Challenger series will still be encouraged to marshal our IROC series. I would encourage all of you who have not yet signed up to reserve a livery for yourself otherwise you will be missing out.

                                As last fall the 3rd Saturday continues to feature Runabouts for S24 with Mini-Z added now in the afternoon.

                                R32 features a single race on Saturday, January 6, 2024. If anyone is interested in hosting a second or another R32 race please provide dates, classes and particulars and I’ll include it in our calendar. R32 hosting is not restricted to Saturdays only.

                                S32 special events including Ringwood, Targa, Coppa D’oro, Carrera, etc. which will be raced at The Ring are yet to be added to our calendar – stay tuned for days/times.

                                I cannot host more than I already do and so for those who may not find enough R32 racing on our calendar in 2024 I do sincerely apologize.

                                Please enjoy Christmas with your families and we’ll be in touch after Boxing Day!

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                                  Merry Christmas to everyone on Scratch32.com and a big thank you to those who purchased their 2024 IROC Challenger Series Entries! Now that the deadline has passed I can confirm that we’ve got 6 purchased entries and I’ll prepare an additional 2 RTR entries to complete two full rotations of 4…

                                  Liveries are being completed right now…

                                  Starting February 3rd the featured ‘super six’ will be eligible to race 8 IROC entries – in addition to two R32 classes beforehand and two R32 classes afterwards. I’ll begin adding racing details to our already scheduled 2024 IROC dates… stay tuned!

                                  I can’t wait – this is going to be fun!!! Cheers!

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                                    I’ll be delivering the finished kits to the ‘super six’ this Saturday, January 6, 2024 at Nova Ridge (the first R32 race of 2024). This will give everyone 4 weeks to get their models ready for the inaugural IROC Challenger Race.

                                    DB your kit will be posted later this week.

                                    I’ll post pics of the finished liveries in due course… stay tuned!

                                    If anyone else cannot make it this Saturday let me know…

                                    Here’s to 2024 and what should be a great year for IROC racing!


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                                    Avatar photoKen

                                      Looking forward to an “Orange Crush” Ferrari!

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                                      Avatar photoDB

                                        Thanks Art looking forward to it.

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                                          The kits are on their way out today. There are a few changes to what you will receive and why.

                                          The kits are going out without the windscreen and interior. Why? Because after test fitting the interior that I prepared for this body kit I realized that an inline motor configuration would be difficult to mate without modifying the interior… so rather than use it we’ll go without an interior and I will haze or darken the windscreen – and pass the modified windscreen out (or mail) in a week or so… at least this way you can start building as planned and simply glue in the windscreen whenever you receive it.

                                          The bodies are detailed but without numbers or a specific livery. I’ve painted the tail lamps, exhaust, headlight lens trim, fuel caps and added a little shading to some parts of the body. I’ve also added a NART Ferrari badge on both sides of the body. You can choose your racing number and either add it yourself or I can give you some peel and stick numbers on white or yellow roundels – each body should be given four numbers (all on roundels) – one on the front, one on each door and one at an angle over the pilot’s rightside rear quarter panel. If you don’t have numbers/roundels or you are unsure where to put them please ask me – I’d be happy to apply them for you too. Please reply to this thread or email me to reserve your number – let’s not have duplicate numbers! I’ll get the ball rolling with my own green entry which is #28.

                                          If you wish to leave your body as is after adding your number then that’s fine. If you add any stripes or advertising please keep it period. Depending on what livery detail you wish to add to your body you may or may not want to paint the rear window louvers flat black but another colour. I would be happy to paint your rear louvers flat black if you wish to keep it simple – again, just let me know…

                                          The kit comes with club series urethane tires marked with a small orange dot – these tires are mandatory, as are the wheels and inserts supplied. The inserts are finished so no need to paint or weather them. They were cast with brass dust to give them their special colour. If you would like to add a centre nut to the insert you are welcome to do so. I have a wheel nut that fits nicely…

                                          As for the body, you are welcome to strengthen any part of it. You can also remove the front centre body post if you don’t wish to use it. Remember, you can mount your body however you wish.

                                          I hope this helps. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask or email me.

                                          Happy building!!!

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                                          Avatar photoKen

                                            May I reserve number 3 please.

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                                            Hello Guys, I have not been active with S32 Group for a long time because I have not enough time, however I keep on building and going back to previous models made to try to improve them, here is my D Arts Ferrari

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                                                Looks fantabulous Luis! Your model building skills, painting and detail work have really improved since you’ve been with us! So nice to see such quality work and attention to detail! I love the lettering detail on your sidewalls!

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                                              Avatar photoDB

                                                Art, I will take #7.

                                                • #42370

                                                    Gotcha! #7 it is!

                                                • #42396


                                                  You asked me what number I would use earlier on Saturday morning when I received my kit and I replied 7, which I thought I had reserved…

                                                  No worries, I’ll take nine “9”.



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                                                      Yes JMSracer, you are absolutely correct – I forgot. I need to avoid getting involved when it isn’t necessary… just let the process already in place handle the details since my memory isn’t as reliable.

                                                      I’m relieved that you picked an alternative #…


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                                                    Avatar photoDB

                                                      Jim, you can have 7 if you want. I can take 9. The numbers have no significance to me.

                                                    • #42429

                                                      Appreciated and Thank you Dave, but I’m good with 9 also, so let’s proceed with you using 7 and I’ll use 9.

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                                                      Avatar photoGI

                                                        Our Grand Wizard is a step ahead of the 1:1 scale IROC series.  Apparently Ray Evernham (famed Nascar Crew Chief to Jeff Gordon) has bought the rights to IROC and will revive the races.

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                                                        Wheel Diameter

                                                        Gents, as everybody that has received their IROC model knows, the body has large wheel wells and comes with a set of very large tires and wheels that took a long while to true due to the large size and the amount of truing required to get them to the size that is required.  I have trued my tires to a diameter of 23mm for the front and 24 mm for the rear and they seem to fill the openings nicely.  Since there isn’t any mention of the specs so far, I am going to suggest that these dimensions are the maximum for this class.  Please chime in…



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                                                          There are no specs apart from using the supplied parts as is and four racing numbers on roundels (hood, doors, pilot’s right side rear quarter panel top on an angle).
                                                          True your tires to any diameter and cut them to any width you think best but make sure the orange dot is visible.

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                                                            After some elbow grease I’ll be providing each of you with a modified cockpit windscreen (with side windows), modified painted pilot and a card to add to your body kits.

                                                            Unmodified Pilot with uncut Card provided – modified Pilot to have the top of his helmet cut flat

                                                            You have a choice of how to use these parts:

                                                            • Windscreen & Side/Door Windows – carefully fix in place using a clear two part 5 minute epoxy. If not adding the pilot with card simply paint the inside of your clear windscreen and windows black or a smoke colour. Done!
                                                            • Painted Pilot – if using the supplied pilot position the pilot and fix (glue) the flat portion of his helmet directly to the underside of the roof with the same epoxy. Then cut the supplied card to size and fix in place covering the entire cockpit area. You should also fix the underside of the pilot’s arms and torso to the card (simply apply a bit of epoxy to the pilot when fixing the cut card underneath).


                                                            When fixing/gluing the windscreen and side/door windows in place:

                                                            • place each piece in position using tape on the topside to keep them in place;

                                                            • apply a bead of clear two part 5 minute epoxy between the edges of each piece and the body – be careful not to use too much – you don’t want it leaking through any gaps to the exposed topside;
                                                            • remove the tape when the epoxy has cured.

                                                            I separated the original one piece windscreen into three pieces to make more room for the pilot and even then I had to cut off most of the top of the helmet to make him (or her) fit inside the space provided for the cockpit. Either use the pilot (with card underneath) or paint the windscreen/windows black or a smoke colour.

                                                            Regarding roundels/numbers – if the glue on your roundel stickers is not cooperating you can try using Scotch brand double sided indoor carpet tape (the thin stuff) underneath to keep them in place.

                                                            Also, your rear roundel sticker can be placed either on the rear right fender or if that is causing problems just inside the fender behind the rear louvered window. Make sure to angle it wherever you place it.

                                                            In addition to the roundels please feel free to add stripes or any other period livery detail (ie. advertising – Shell, Sandeman, Martini, Jagermeister, Gulf, etc.).

                                                            Make sure to start a topic on your own IROC build in our Scratch Built Models forum.

                                                            Good Luck!

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                                                            Here’s is an update.

                                                            I have two cars ready to race, only the driver tray is required for both and the windshield must be installed on the more recent Gulf livery car.

                                                            The Gulf livery car has a custom aluminium chassis with Fox 10 – 25k motor in a SW configuration and the Red car has an HRS chassis with a Flat 6 – 25k motor in an AW configuration.  Both run the same time within 1/10th of a second per lap, with the Red car turning the quicker lap time at the moment but I am still completing my final adjustments on this model and hope to improve its pace.

                                                            IROC 1

                                                            IROC 2

                                                          • #42651

                                                              Looks great JMSracer!

                                                              BTW, Only your light blue model is eligible for participation in this IROC series… but the other is eligible for the R32 Classic Era Prototype & Sportscar class…


                                                            • #42663
                                                              Avatar photoKen

                                                                Nice looking Ferrari’s JMSracer!

                                                              • #42665

                                                                Nicely done Jim, who knew a Gulf Livery Ferrari would look so GOOD, surprised John Wyer never did employ1! Hmmm, that aluminum chassis looks familiar, KRZ engineering at it’s finest. What gearing did you use. And for the Rosso R32 Classic Era Prototype & Sportscar class entry, better put some numbers on it, don’t want to be DQ’d off the top podium position. :>)

                                                              • #42714
                                                                Avatar photoDB

                                                                  Street address of Nova Ridge please?  Haven’t been there before.  Thanks

                                                                  • #42730

                                                                      I’ve emailed you DB…

                                                                      See you Saturday!

                                                                  • #42744

                                                                      We have our entry numbers sorted for the IROC Challenge:

                                                                      • 28 – green
                                                                      • 3 – orange
                                                                      • 7 – yellow
                                                                      • 9 – light blue
                                                                      • 8 – red
                                                                      • 5 – royal blue
                                                                      • 2 – purple (placeholder)
                                                                      • 4 – charcoal (placeholder)

                                                                      All IROC participants will qualify all 8 models. Lane/rotation position for a model determined by qualifying result – Group B slower (4) & Group A faster (4) – Lane choice in each group picked by builder (in qualifying order) and placeholders occupy leftover lanes. Should there not be 8 models (entrants and placeholders) lanes will be shut down (ie. 6 models = Group B 3 lanes and Group A 3 lanes).

                                                                      All participants will race group B models first then group A models last.

                                                                      Heat results (A + B) will be combined and participant results will be based on the total. Manufacturer/Builder results will be based on the result of the model regardless of heat, minus fastest and slowest.

                                                                      If you have any Qs please ask.

                                                                      Remember, if you can’t make it out to race your model can still participate to score you points in the Manufacturer/Builder category – just let someone know your preferred lane choice order (ie. Red, Yellow, Blue and Green) (otherwise your model will be placed in the first available lane – Green, Yellow, Red or Blue).

                                                                      See everyone Saturday!

                                                                      PS – Don’t forget your models for the R32 support races!!!

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                                                                      Avatar photoKen

                                                                        Chris’s blue Ferrari is race ready. He has his numbers, and will apply them tomorrow.

                                                                      • #42749
                                                                        Avatar photoKen

                                                                          Before and after pics.

                                                                          Tire wear made an interesting pattern of debri under the car. Only the inside of the tire had wear. Those Hudy’s are amazing.

                                                                          The car handles nicely (at least I think so).

                                                                          Thank you very kindly for looking.


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