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      Indy Roadster 500

      November 22, 2021 @ 7pm

      The Ring

      This racing series focuses on the iconic North American roadsters that raced at Indianapolis up to the mid-60’s. Just like their 1:1 front engine counterparts these models must use a chassis with an inline front motor configuration. To keep speeds reasonable a low power motor is also required, with a preference for the slim line FF050 (BWMS050).

      Eligible models will include roadsters that finished, started, practiced or were at minimum registered to race at Indianapolis. The target era is that of the 1950’s through mid-1960’s. The purpose in opening up the definition of ‘participant’ in this manner is to accommodate as many models as one might have an opportunity to scratch build – NOT to accommodate ready to run bodies or models that are easy to obtain.

      No ‘master list’ of eligible models or entries will be provided since it is easy enough to find much of this information freely on the internet. Do some research first and then ask if you have questions. It is expected that you share with the group some of the history of the models that you build within this topic thread.

      Make sure to submit your online model registration form for each model you will present to the field. I am in the process of tweaking the online registration form to include this class etc. and I hope to have it updated before the weekend prior to the deadline… so please be patient and submit your forms at that time…

      As with all of our classes the body, the chassis (or preferably both) must be made or be built by hand.

      Models must be modified or be representative in look to the entry upon which they purport to be based. Just how far one goes to achieve this is not for anyone else to decide – your own pride and building ability should be your guide. That being said, there will be a minimum threshold that every model is expected to meet otherwise the purpose of this event will be lost.

      Fantasy liveries ARE permitted but they must be period correct – no modern logos, fonts, paint colours, graphics, etc.

      Duplicate liveries (and numbers) are permitted.

      Building and presenting multiple models for the event is strongly encouraged and those that do will have an opportunity to have each of them raced as a separately scored entry.

      To review the ongoing class rule discussion please visit our sub-forum topic by clicking here.

      Deadline to register your eligible entries within this registration thread is 5pm Monday, November 22, 2021. Deadline to submit your online model registration form(s) is noon the day after the event (Tuesday November 23, 2021). 

      All participants must be fully vaccinated. Please bring your mask.

      Bottled H2O will be supplied but please eat something before attending as there will be no pizza beforehand.

      Doors will open at 6pm – green flag at 7pm – checkers by 10pm… the format is yet to be determined but there will be a qualifying period and the race proper…

      If you have any questions please ask by email or personal message…

      Now Get Back to Building!!!

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      The online model registration form is now updated to include Indy Roadsters (IR) as one of our classes. Please make sure to complete and submit your form for your build(s). Thx!

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      I don’t have a car built, but if this event is a go I will come as a marshal if that is OK?

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        Sure thing MiA! See you tomorrow!

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      Well, I’m still not finished yet but this is my entry:

      1963 #89 – ‘Parnelli’ Jones in a Watson Willard Battery Special in the model below but with the number 89 and in the livery closer to the second picture…

      I may forgo the blue underneath the nose and just go all white with the red lines… So this will truly be a period fantasy livery…



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      I’m not finished either but I’ll have the 98 as pictured above.

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      It doesn’t look right now as though we’ll have many entries so I think we should postpone this event to give everyone more time to finish their builds. I’ll re-schedule this for sometime in January. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      I’ll hopefully see ya’ll next week for the R32 race night here at The Ring.

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      Ok sounds good.

      thx for the heads up.


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