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      Goodwood II

      After a wonderful day in Kimberly, Ontario, the latest work on Goodwood II is complete. Sinkhole patched, final touchups done, straw bales & tire stacks added and original track structures back in place. Trackmate hardware & software tested and racing surface thoroughly cleaned. A big thank you to Ken for all of his help and to Scott for his generous hospitality as always.

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      Avatar photoKen

        Scott has a very nice place up in Kimberly. The track layout is beautiful, and has a very smooth flow to it.

        There is also an Air B&B cottage on the same lot. My wife is curious as to the rates (provided that it’s dog-friendly). That sounds very promising to me. Maybe I could rent the cottage for a weekend vacation, and host a BBQ just outside the building where the track is? (nudge nudge, wink wink) Maybe a race will break out.

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        Avatar photoKen

          An impromptu pic of the master track-smith at work. My humble apologies for leaving the pic as is. My knowledge of photoshop is almost zero. Sometimes the field of debri can be fun to look at. Nice pics in the background.

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          Avatar photoGI

            Looking at the Goodwood track makes me think about its owner, the late John Flinn.  He was one of the good guys and is truly missed.

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            Avatar photoKen

              While driving out to Scott’s place. Art and I caught a few glimpses of some nice cars along the way. I saw a 1970 Buick GSX in red. Art saw an Olds 442. But the highlight was the Acadian Beaumont Sport Deluxe. It was tubbed out with huge tires on the back. It was screaming like it was in second gear. It had crazy high gears for drag-racing (Sounded like 4.56’s or better).

              You could tell that fast cars were all over the area by the long black marks leading off many of the stop signs and lights.

              It was too dark to take a pic. But this was the model we were looking at. It was a beauty!

              The question came up about branding. Was it a Chevy or Pontiac based release?

              From Wiki.

              To promote automobile manufacturing in Canada, the APTA (also known as the “Auto Pact”) in the 1960s had provisions prohibiting sales of certain United States-made cars. General Motors responded by offering certain makes of cars manufactured in Canada primarily for the Canadian market such as Acadian, and Beaumont, which started as an offering in the Acadian line, but later became its own brand in 1966.[1] Initially, Acadians were retrimmed Chevy IIs, offered as a base model, mid-priced Invader and top-line Beaumont. The car used Pontiac styling cues, such as a split grille, but was marketed as a separate make, never as a Pontiac.

              There was also a Pontiac Acadian manufactured from 1976 to 1987. But it was a very different car.

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