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      Well, after looking at some of my backed up track and group event data (going as far back 15 years now) I realize that if I don’t get that stuff together and organized then it will be lost forever. My earliest data are race results back from the old SOS days in 2007 and then gradually photographs appeared, especially for races at The Ring. Prior to that Vanski took most of our photographs and published many of them on SCI…

      To revive a trip down memory lane for some of you I’ve decided to slowly post what I have going as far back as I can. The reason I will do this within a forum is so that any of you who have access to or some information or better yet photographs to add or supplement what I have can share that with the rest of us here.

      I’ll try to post chronologically and all posts will be backdated to the date of the race or event so that races or events can remain in chronological order regardless of when they are actually posted. This way if new stuff comes to light or I discover some stuff elsewhere it can be added in proper sequence…


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