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      Hello Guys, I build two chassis with a bronze plate and slot it sidewinder pod, I used NSR white body kits and Indicals decals

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      Avatar photoKen


        Nice looking cars!!!

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        Avatar photoMiA

          Solid brass chassis with pods. Great looking cars. Another interesting way to make a chassis. How much do these weigh? You’ll have to get up to a race one of these days and see how they go!!

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          Hello MIA, the chassis for the Ford is made with a .032″ brass sheet I gear it 33/12 with a Piranha 21,500 rpm motor it weights 92 grams the Porsche chassis is heavier since I used .064 Brass sheet its geared the same but with a 25,000 rpm Piranha motor it weights 108 grams.

          The Porsche runs better so I think I am going to change the gear for the Ford to 32/12 for speed improvment.

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          Nice handiwork on cutting the Brass, mui Bien Luis! Of course, I’m especially fond of the 917!!

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          Avatar photoMiA

            How did you cut the brass plate? Drill holes at the appropriate places and then what kind of saw? Looks like a good solution.

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