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        The sharknose Grand Prix car evolved in the early 60’s at the same time as the sportscar. Racing in 1961 and 1962 the Ferrari 246 SP achieved some success.

        Here is Rodriquez in the Targa. I opted to fashion his french team mate. I started with the DArt body kit.

        I planned to mate this kit to an ASS (A Simple Sled) chassis.

        So far so good…

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        That’s a nice ASS and an even nicer body 😉

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        Avatar photoPorsche911

          En Italiano, “È un bel culo” Bravo!!

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            I reinforced the ASS chassis with a few additions which I epoxied in place:

            The total weight was light and needed to be brought up to R32 rules to 75g so I added some extra brass pieces:The body was painted quickly to be raced at MVL but then was massaged thereafter with added detail, including a different pilot to better reflect the model I’ve noted.A center mirror, tail pipes, wiper, and several other details were added. I also painted the headlight cavities white and the lenses light blue. The car numbers were airbrushed onto clear decal sheet and then applied….I’ll need to sort out how to better paint the headlights but I’m satisfied with this latest effort. Practice will help.

            Cheers and thank you for taking a look!

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            Avatar photoKen

              Absolutely beautiful!

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