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      Avatar photoKen

        It’s been a while since I started something for myself. Time to dust off the machinery.

        I found this cool photo of a Watson Indy in metallic orange. That was the inspiration to start this car.

        I just painted this today. Super nice day outside. The build begins.


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        Looks good so far! Looking forward to seeing the progress.

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        Avatar photoKen

          Thank you kindly, F1Nutz.

          Gary came by today to spin a few laps. He was witness to the 5-minute paint job outside in the driveway. We need more weather like we had today.

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            Excellent livery and colour choice!

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            Avatar photoKen

              Thank you kindly, Art.

              Yesterday was even better for outdoor painting. There was zero wind around 7pm. I was able to get a nice coat of Tamiya clear over the metallic orange. The chassis is next.

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              “Gentlemen, start yer Engines!” Love the colour, would look great on a Hotrod/Ratrod, or a nice mate to your Blue Corvair too!

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              Avatar photoKen

                There’s a race coming this Saturday. Time to pull up my socks. The chassis is complete. The wheels and tires are squared up.

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                  Lovely colour!!!

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                  Avatar photoGI

                    That’s what I call “Slammed”.

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                    Avatar photoKen

                      Thank you kindly Art and Gary.

                      Here’s a real Watson Indy car slammed for the salt flats. I’m not the “original slammer”. I do my homework, and copy what I see.

                      It will come up a bit for body float.

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                      Avatar photoKen

                        Paint is drying. Epoxy is hardening. It’s close.

                        I did a little more homework on the original 1:1 metallic orange Watson in the first post. It raced in 1961, ’62, and ’63. It was a different colour every race.

                        It was known as “The Titanium Roadster” because it had several titanium suspension parts.

                        The car was originally owned and driven by Ray Crawford.

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                          Can’t wait to see it go tomorrow!


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