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      What’s faster, a 50’s Sportscar or a Semi? Does it really matter when 11 racers had a ton of fun running 50’s Sportscars, Scalextric cars, Open F1, Group C/Rolex up to 25,000 rpm, and Fly Trucks!

      Yes, for the first time in a long time, Semi’s made it back onto the SOS32 schedule. It might have been the last race of the day, and perhaps the most intense for marshal’s, but it was great to see them back on track. Many racers will work on putting in bigger wood guides for the next time, and there will be a next time, likely sooner than later.

      The day started with 50’s & 60″s Sportscars and this class continues to get more competitive regardless if some BWA motors are better than others. Regardless of that, tuning still makes the most difference.

      The Scaley Stock Plus class may have been the most competitive class, and surprising how quick the cars are getting. The stock chassis, body, interior, and motor make for a great base. Tuner choices for pinion, gear, bushings, and wheels make for some wonderful, and quick, cars.

      Then it was time for Open F1. With so many new F1 cars on the market it seems senseless to try to create specific classes, so why not run an open class, which we now do on occasion. Seems now though that the Scaleauto F1 car looks to have a lot of potential!

      As fast as the F1 cars were, the days quickest laps still came from the Group C/Rolex class cars where our host finished a very impressive 2nd … way to RT!

      Thanks again to our host for another day of great bagels, great cupcakes, great coffee, great racing on a great track, and, most importantly, a ton of fun with a great group of racers.

      And next time we race at Cupcake Raceway, sometime in April probably, it will be in the opposite direction.

      By: JCB



      1) Sports cars

      2) Scaley Stock Plus

      3) F1 Unlimited

      4) Group C – Rolex (up to 25k motors)

      5) Fly Trucks (stock motors & gearing)



      3 minute heats (180 seconds) x 3.
      Voltage set @ 10v
      Three marshals for every heat.
      Race to line result will determine finishing order.















      Thank you Rob for another fun day of racing and for your hospitality!


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