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      Getting there,  I know, I know, do posts 1st, aesthetics last….well, perhaps a slow learner…..I had an opportunity for a few (rare) hours, so decided I would graphic my Corvair kit. All all old homemade decals(work well on white/silver bodies)Awaiting the chassis setup/motor/gears/wheels etc(KRZ chassis, thanks KRZ!)


      Made a little ‘scoop too’




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      Avatar photoKen

        Beautiful livery choice Porsche911. Looks smart!

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        Avatar photoDB

          Looks great and will be awesome when completed.  I started mine yesterday, set up on the jig and epoxied in the bearings but was so so so tempted to paint it first.

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            Looks great so far Porsche911! It will make a perfect Trans Am Plus or SCCA/USRRC Sportscar (or SCCA/USRRC Plus) – I can’t recall if it ever raced at Sebring or Daytona in an endurance event – if so then also a 1960’s Endurance Sportscar…


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            Nice job!

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            Hi gents, thanks for Kudos! After painstaking research, I determined that the Corvair did also participate in some Endurance racing, 1961 Kyalami, and 66 Daytona and 12HR Marlboro, there may be a few others that I cannot find conclusive evidence, so…..does that mean with FLY/Scaley 18K Motor I could participate in both Endurance Sportscar and SCCA/USRRC Plus?? Haven’t put in Motor yet but was only initially considering slow Motor SCCA/USRRC Sportscar. Happy either way, but would be nice to utilize in both. Opinions welcomed.

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            Avatar photoKen


              Thank you very kindly for doing the leg work. It’s going to be the “Year of Corvairs”. I like them so much. I bought a gaggle of them.

              Here’s an option…

              If you buy a second aluminum chassis for any car. It will be accurate to within a few thousands of an inch to the first. You can change the chassis/motor/class with two screws. Two chassis for one body type thing. Slow and Plus+.

              Just a thought.


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              Hi Ken, yes I did think of your suggestion, however, it would be applicable to too many cars that I have, and we know this hobby has NO Addictive properties added… :>)

              Realized I omitted 1 link to racing provenance.




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              FINALLY finished (well still have to complete exhaust), LOTS of fiddling trying to get ‘flat tray’ interior to accommodate S-can,  and though I didn’t want to SLAM to a low rider, wouldn’t have minded a wee bit less height overall… Initial shakedown is OK, won’t be a winner, home made roll bar likely weighs too much too, but looks DAMN good scooting around… 10X24 gearing on KRZ makes it smooth, perhaps get another, make into SCCA/USRRC Plus, will see after I finish the umpteen other(or at least a few) of other kits/chassis I have on the go…  

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              Apologies for duplicity….added update to post last night, but it didn’t ‘take’, waited 20 minutes, came back/refreshed, nada, so added again, just now, VOILA! Hmmmm, tried to get rid of ‘1st’ update but won’t allow me to edit… :>( Any, now to try and improve/break in.

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              Avatar photoKen


                Sharp looking car! It looks lovely in white.

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                Thanks Ken! Wish I had another now :>( as I’d like to try a slimcan version….

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                  Thanks for sharing Porsche911!

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