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      Well, it comes a little early…

      Christmas will come early at Spa, Saturday December 10th. No need to bring presents, unless of course you feel compelled to bring a 12 year old single malt… LOL

      Doors will open at 10:30, Flag drop 11:30, intend to have short intermission/lunch mid point, I’ll order Pizza. Classes will be
      Classic LM
      50’s Sportscar(NOT 50’s-60’s)
      70’s GP
      Modern LM

      Time permitting, possibly an IROC, cars TBD, provided by moi.

      Please advise ASAP, would like to know by this Friday, require minimum of 5, and MAX of 9.


      December 10th, a lovely time of year of year in the Ardennes, unless you were battling Panzers!

      Been a while since we’ve enjoyed a day at the Spa, looking forward to seeing you here!

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      Avatar photoKen

        Count me in. 🙂

        Who would refuse Christmas pizza?

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        Excellent Porsche911! I’ll see you then!

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        Avatar photoGI

          The Boss has let me out to play,   I can race!


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          If that’s doors open at 10:30 pm with overnight racing beginning at 11:30 pm I am in!

          Sadly though I don’t think it is, so I will, regretfully, not be able to make it.

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