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        I was recently talking to a friend about this car. It’s nothing like its little sister with the 4-cyl failure with the aluminum block.

        If a Motion Camaro, Vega, or Corvette came up to your sports car at a red light. You quickly made a right turn to avoid being embarrassed.

        You can just barely detect the 454 badge on the side of the fender. A sleeper it wasn’t. You could hear one coming for you half a mile away.

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        Avatar photoGI

          Sharp looking Vega!  The paint job looks like something Starsky and Hutch may have laid down on their ride.

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          Avatar photoKen

            Baldwin Motion was forced to shut down in 1974. Starsky and Hutch were from 1975 to 1979. The Motion 454 Vega was also available in blue with white striping (and a few other colours).

            Here’s the incredible Motion story. No other company matched it before or after.

            The cars built by Baldwin Motion were among the fastest semi-production cars in the United States in the ’60s and ’70s, they were so fast in fact that the DOJ and EPA shut the company down in 1974 with threats of $50,000 USD per car manufactured (in 1974 dollars) if the company didn’t comply.

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