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      Demand for a simple and cost effective low power motored chassis for sportscars and classic stock cars is surprising.

      This DArt ASS Chassis specifically for NC1 or BWNC1 motors seems to fit the bill nicely.

      Several regularly ask for this chassis. I do plan to upgrade it but eventually… stay tuned.

      In the meantime take care to set up your DArt ASS chassis properly – use a jig and glue everything in place – it will reward you in no time. It took me about an hour to assemble.

      First off, if your chassis is slightly bent, warped or twisted you can place it on a flat ceramic block (or tile, or anything else that is flat) and hold it in place with rubber bands… run hot water over it – then cold – this will straighten the plastic/resin…

      Make sure to clean off any excess flashing around the parts before assembling. Drill out the front axle holders using a hand chuck. It is easier to make them oversized and then set your brass tube using 5 minute epoxy. If you are very skilled you can drill out both front axle arms and upper and lower set screw holes to allow independent adjustment of your front axle after the chassis is built. I don’t bother going that far though.

      Measure the axle distances and cut the front tongue to accommodate your wheelbase then epoxy in place and if you have them use screws and washers to help fix the tongue in place.

      Next glue in your motor (after pushing/soldering on your pinion – make sure to cut your motor shaft if will not be centering your rear axle using the crown gear channel). Then glue in your rear bushings or bearings. Then glue in some bracing using 5 minute epoxy and .055 piano wire. NOTE: The lower brace was glued in after the motor but before the bushings/bearings…

      Here’s what I did to the rear end of my DArt ASS Chassis….

      For the front end I set my axle, then glued my brass tube in place with 5 minute epoxy… notice here I didn’t bother using any set screws for height adjustment.

      Balsa wood glued to the underside of the shell provides the best and lightest way to secure the chassis to the body using 2-56 screws with brass inserts…

      Done!!! And it runs as good as any simple sled should… Thanks for your looking!

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      I’ve got a few extra of these ASS chassis right now – if you place an order of $30 or more just ask and I’ll include a free chassis with your order (while supplies last)…


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