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      I’m planning on going down on the Go train for the day

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      Avatar photoKen

        Sounds like a day of fun. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can make it.

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        Avatar photoKen

          Hi F1Nutz,

          Got any pics? 🙂

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          I didn’t take many but here are a few.

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          Grosjean pit crew.

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          PS Pit lane start of free practice.


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          The had a Pinty’s series Nasty cab race on the Friday which was fun to watch.


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          Hinch was kind enough to sign my t-shirt!

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            Excellent! Hinch appears to be on the incline to greater things now – I think his colour commentary is quite entertaining – first indycar now the F1 streamed broadcasts… great for him!

            Did you get a chance to speak to him at all?

            Thanks for posting!

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            I complimented Hinch on his great job on the F1 coverage.

            He signed my Robert Wickens shirt and said he’d met the guy a few times 😉

            He was pretty busy getting wired up for an interview so it was nice that he took the time.

            Great guy!

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