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      October 18, 2021 @ The Ring

      Here we embrace and focus on American engineering – from the early 1900’s up to and including 1974.

      Four classes will compete in this event:

      • Hot Rod (HR) – Including (but in separate classes) Street Rods, Street Machines, Rat Rods & Gassers;
      • Boulevard Cruisers (BC);
      • Trans Am (TA/TA+);
      • CANAM (CA);

      Check our forums area for suggested rules.

      Actual or period fantasy liveries are permitted with appropriate racing numbers – with the exception of Boulevard Cruisers which do not require a number.

      Please make sure to register all of your eligible models within this event thread and if your models are not yet in our database please submit the online model registration form.

      Details, links and photographs are strongly encouraged!

      Deadline to register your entries is midnight Sunday October 17, 2021.

      A minimum of 5 builders must register at least one model for this event. If a minimum of 5 builders have not registered by the deadline then this event will be cancelled.

      We will forego any food/pop but bottled water will be supplied.

      Only fully vaccinated participants please. Please bring your mask.

      Now get building!!!

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      Cadillac Eldorado Brougham

      #??? I’ll sing you a little number 🎶

      Driver: Ol’ Blue Eyes himself – Francis Albert Sinatra

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      From this garagista:

      HR: 30HR030-1AT

      CA: 69CA043-1AT

      BC: NEW Chevrolet Impala piloted by Welsh superstar Tom Jones;

      TA: NEW NSU 1000 piloted by Jurgen Bueller;


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      13 hours left to register and it doesn’t look like we will get to 5 at this point so we’ll postpone this event to another time/day…

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      Ok thx for the heads up

      next time

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