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      So I started this project as a commission for a fellow racer and it kind of snowballed partly because I loved the idea and partly because as I progressed on the car I realized I was going to have a hard time parting with it.

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      I built the body in the background from the Lindbergh kit and planned on distressing it to look more like a rat rod.
      However I liked the way the paint turned out so much I just couldn’t distress it.

      So I built a second body but this time I approached the paint differently which led to the body in the foreground with a nice silver base coat.

      I then added a light incomplete pass of cream white to mimic a faded version of the bright white on the original body.

      I used several grades of sand paper to scratch and scuff the cream white so the some of the silver metallic would show through.

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      Avatar photoKen

        Nice bucket F1Nutz!

        The whitewalls look perfect too.

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        Let me take a moment to explain the concept of this rat rod.

        My fellow racer when he chose a T-bucket as a subject remarks ‘You know, with a bunch of chickens inside!’

        From my quizzical look it was clear to him that in fact I did not know so he elaborated, ‘It’s a bucket like KFC , you know a bucket of chicken!’

        And so was born the concept for the rat rod called ‘Flew ‘T’he Coop’

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        I also did a rough concept sketch on the back of the kit instruction sheet to formalize the design in my head.

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        As I continued with the distressing process I painted on layers to simulate years of wear and tear.

        First a layer of matte red being careful to match the stripes as well as avoid the scratched distressed areas.

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        Then a layer of gloss patchy red to vary the degree of distress on the paint followed by a rust layer to give a barn find look.


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        Almost complete ‘Flew ‘T’he Coop’ in the foreground.

        ’Kentucky Bucket’ body in the background.

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        Forgot this one showing the distressed interior.

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        Avatar photoGI

          Is that Colonel Sanders I see driving?

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          Mississauga’s own Col. is indeed driving while eating a drumstick of his famous finger lick’n’ good chicken!

          personally I avoid the stuff 😉

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          Some say the Col. in his early years commissioned the Kentucky Bucket which was fashioned to represent a bucket of his very own fried chicken. Well he drove it to special events and cruise nights in the parking lots of his upscale chicken villas until he parked it one day in his barn where his chicken were raised.
          It then sat languishing for many a year as the Col. had gained so much girth from over imbibing on his 13 piece meals including cole slaw and biscuits that he could no longer fit behind the wheel.

          Now many years later a certain rooster named Reginald ‘The Rebel’ Rooster who was a cross with a Jersey Giant and a Foghorn Leghorn decided he’d had enough of the easy life fertilizing the eggs of every chick in the henhouse so he repaired the dilapidated T-bucket with tools and items at hand and he ‘Flew The Coop’ for greener pastures over yonder….or so the story goes.

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          Avatar photoJoe

            Nice work Bill I didn’t know KFC delivered back in the day, doesn’t look like DoorDash!!!!

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            Hmmm, Hmmm, that y’all is more than “Finger Lickin’ good”, it’s CLUCKIN’ AMAZING!!!! :>)  I bet it must FLY, LOL.

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              Excellent F1nutz!!! Thanks for posting!

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              This is the most creative pair of model car bodies I’ve ever seen! The details are even more amazing close up than they are in the photos. The Colonel is a perfect likeness, and has wire-rimmed glasses fashioned from a staple – in 32’nd scale! The Rooster is a modified regular driver figure, with a beak-face added, and rooster crown (“comb”) on top and “wattle” hanging below the chin, and wing-hands, all made of flexible material. The car bodies and finishes themselves fit the theme perfectly. Excellent work, F1Nutz !

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              Thanks for the compliments. I hope they run as well as they look 😉

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              Well I think I’m calling this one done!

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              With its siblings…

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              Here’s a neat trick. Flip up body!

              Just needs some tire truing and a good shakedown and it should be good to go!

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              Avatar photoKen


                Great looking Hot Rod!

                Reminds me of the days of Q-107’s “Chicken MAN!”.

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                After a successful shakedown at Nova Ridge.

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                Flew ‘T’he Coop is a little quicker than my original Rus’T’.

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                One last pic.

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                Avatar photoGI

                  The Flew The Coop car is hilarious!  Can’t wait to see it in person, the owner lives in my neck of the woods.

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                  Avatar photoKen

                    We watched it go last Saturday. It really umm… flies! 🙂

                    Who says chickens can’t fly?

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                    Thx guys!

                    Now to get started on the chassis for its brethren.

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                    Avatar photoGI

                      LOL,  Good one Ken!

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                        Looking great F1nutz!

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