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      Avatar photoKen

        The green colour of this Impala is amazing. A white vinyl roof really sets it off.

        Drew did a stunning job with the paint.

        The hood was epoxied in place. Then the extra posts for the static chassis were trimmed off.Ā  The rad support was also removed.

        The chassis was assembled to set the height of the body posts. The post lengths are 31mm front, and 30mm rear. The numbers on the chassis are the tire diameters.

        The body will sit about 1mm higher with the stainless and urethane washers added. This is the same body height as the Olds 442. The wheel well shape makes it look very different. A thicker washer can be added to the rear body posts to create a little more rake.

        More to follow.


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        Nice looking build!

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        Hi Ken, WOW!!! Looks freakin AMAZING!! Needs some Sweet inserts(I’m thinking Cragar/Torque Thrust style) and I need to complete interior, and fabricate some cool exhausts. A masterful job, thank you so much!


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        Avatar photoKen

          Inserts are in. Badges and window chrome are done. Windows are in. Bumpers are on. Let’s go racing!

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            I’m jealous! Looks frigg’n fantastic!!!


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            Avatar photoKen

              Me too! šŸ™‚

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