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        Well, we made it through the winter…

        There has been a lot of racing scheduled this year with several groups – R32, SOS, Jim’s Crew, Cupcake’s Crew, Cupcake’s Nooners, John’s Group and Joe’s Gang and it appears to me that we’ve now hit the saturation point for several racers.

        For those sharing a focus on scratch building I want to re-establish our pre-pandemic monthly S32 event schedule. With better weather at our doorstep and hopefully the worst of the pandemic behind us I think it appropriate to resume Scratch32 races at The Ring. Note that The Ring is the last (as far as I’m aware) three lane home based track in Southern Ontario to resume racing since the pandemic.

        Unfortunately adding a third Saturday for Scratch32 events to our small group’s rotation may not be wise given how it appears many have already hit their hobby saturation limit. I refer to ‘hobby’ (not racing) since it is clear that many have not had enough time for building either.

        Taking everything into consideration I propose that R32 alternate between MVL and Nova Ridge on the first Saturday of every month while S32 events at The Ring will ‘slot’ into our schedule monthly on every third Saturday. This way our overall racing schedule for the past 6 months remain the same.

        Over the next week I’ll be adding R32 races and S32 events to our current schedule to cover the balance of 2023. This way everyone can plan their builds and participation levels well in advance.

        So stay tuned…


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        Avatar photoDB

          Sounds good to me Art.  Look forward to seeing the schedule. Cheers

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