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      2017 IROC 

      Everyone chose to qualify on the middle lane.

      1. ArT;
      2. BiG;
      3. DwM;
      4. JMs;
      5. MiA;
      6. DaB;
      7. JmO.

      Race Results:

      1st Heat (180 sec. x 3 x 1 = 9 min.)

      1. JMs – 81 Laps;
      2. ArT – 80;
      3. BiG – 80;
      4. DwM – 79;
      5. JmO – 78;
      6. MiA – 76;
      7. DaB – 75.

      2nd Heat (180 sec. x 3 x 1 = 9 min.)

      1. ArT – 162;
      2. BiG – 162;
      3. JMs – 160;
      4. DwM – 158;
      5. JmO – 156;
      6. MiA – 153;
      7. DaB – 148.

      3rd Heat (180 sec. x 3 x 1 = 9 min.)

      1. ArT – 244;
      2. BiG – 243;
      3. JMs – 240;
      4. DwM – 238;
      5. JmO – 234;
      6. MiA – 230;
      7. DaB – 224.

      4th Heat (180 sec. x 3 x 1 = 9 min.)

      1. ArT – 326;
      2. BiG – 324;
      3. JMs – 321;
      4. DwM – 318;
      5. JmO – 312;
      6. MiA – 307;
      7. DaB – 300.

      ADJUSTED FINAL RESULTS (180 sec. x 3 x 4 = 36 min.) [crash = -1 lap]

      1. ArT – 325 Laps [-1 lap];
      2. BiG – 324;*
      3. JMs – 320 [-1 lap];
      4. DwM – 317 [-1 lap];
      5. JmO – 312;**
      6. MiA – 304 [-3 laps];
      7. DaB – 293 [-6 laps].

      * Fewest Crashes

      ** Second Fewest Crashes

      Christmas came early for everyone this night. Prizes were awarded as follows:

      BiG chose this DArt body kit:

      But then opted to trade in the Ferrari 312P body kit for the mystery prize hanging from the Christmas tree elsewhere:

      It was a lovely Fly Juncadella Chevron B21! Well done BiG!

      Our next place finisher JMs chose this DArt body kit:

      Next, DwM made his selection:

      Followed by JmO:

      Up next MiA chose his wrapped door prize – he unwrapped a Lindberg model kit and five BWMS050 motors:

      DaB unwrapped the second door prize:

      Time for the two most prestigious awards on the night – most flawless on the evening. BiG and JmO both collected top honours with no offs each – tie going to the higher finisher meant Bill chose his second DArt body kit and received an ‘unobtainium’ Vanski unrated motor:

       JmO picked his second DArt body kit and received his unrated Vanski motor:

      Excellent racing by all! This will close out the Scratch32/R32 fall racing season.

      Our next scratch32 event will be the Targa III here at the Ring while the next R32 race will at the lovely Spa-Lyons – both in early January! Info on both is right on our website!

      A wonderful end to 2017… Merry Christmas to everyone and please have a very Happy New Year! :good:

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      I forgot to mention that every model raced will be going to good homes – congratulations to BiG, DaB & DwM for their winning bids on all three cars.

      Cheers! Art :good:

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      What a great evening, VERY spirited racing, some incredibly close battles in many heats, and clean racing too! The cars were superlative,  a joy to drive!

      And thank you Santa Tschinkel, a red suit and white beard would have been appropriate, with all the goodies stuffed in your sack for the kids of Whoville, errrr I mean the Ring! :good: A great way to start the Christmas season :yahoo:



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      Totally agree, a superb evening on every level.

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      Thanks for hosting another superlative event! Good food, good people, great cars, wonderful racing! It was a real treat to drive your cars, and thanks so much for the very generous prizes as well! Going to be hard to top this one!! Hope everyone has an excellent Christmas. See everyone in the New Year!!




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      Been a busy week but wanted to add my thanks for hosting another great event!

      Prizes were a surprise and very generous on your part.

      I am now the proud owner of the race run Ferrari PB which I will study with great interest for speed secrets for my own builds.

      It ran flawlessly and was able to compete with the quicker Chevron in the middle lane in the later heats

      It will be invaluably educating.

      Meant to mention I also loved the squirrel in your Christmas tree!

      Hope it didn’t give you any trouble ;^)

      Thanks again and see you in the new year!

      Happy New Year everyone!


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      HA! Good luck finding any speed secrets! [If you do let me know…]

      Cheers! Bill.

      And a huge thank you to each of you who have helped start up THE best model car race group I’ve ever been a part of. You all deserve the praise. You never bailed. You helped us in our academy sessions. You contribute to the website. The prizes are the least I could do.

      I know I’m far from the best builder, modeller, or painter, but as one of you reminded me, I do put in a solid effort. I’ll take your advice and remain proud of doing just that….

      Thank You!

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      R32 & Scratch32

      Jointly Present

      The International Race of Champions


      This IROC style event permits every pilot an opportunity to race three similarly prepared and reliable models, one on each lane in 3 minute heats over 4 rotations for a total of 36 minutes. Each of these historical endurance models will have a carefully prepared and superbly handling scratch built chassis mated to a modified (but formerly available) production body. For this particular 2017 IROC edition the following three models were chosen:

      • No. 29 Lola T290 raced by Edwards/Hobbs in the 1972 BOAC endurance race at Brands Hatch;
      • No. 27 Chevron B23 Ford raced by Juncadella/Bagration in the 1973 endurance race at LeMans; and
      • No. 6 Ferrari 312 PB raced by Schenken/Peterson in the 1972 endurance race at Daytona.

      The race format is as follows:

      • Pilots must use their own R32 eligible controller;
      • Pilots will race on each of 3 lanes for 3 minutes per lane over 4 rotations (3 min. x 3 heats x 4 rotations = 36 min.);
      • Rotation order will be based on qualifying result;
      • Hot Starts and Race To Line format using SlotTrak; and
      • Every de-slot (crash) will be marshalled in real time AND for every de-slot (crash) (regardless of fault) one lap will be deducted from that pilot’s total for that heat.

      Wednesday, December 13, 2017 (7:00 – 10:00pm)

      • equally shared timed practice followed by qualifying

      Wednesday, December 20, 2017 (6:45 – 11:00pm)

      • 1 minute warmup per lane followed by the race

      Fee includes: pizza and non-alcoholic beverages for both evenings AND prizes following the race (see below) PLUS a $10 discount that may be applied towards the purchase of a model used in the event OR any DArt products:

      • $30 – Regular R32/Scratch32 Fall 2017 Participants – anyone who competed in at least three R32 and/or Scratch32 Fall 2017 Events prior to December 13, 2017; OR
      • $50 – Non-Regular R32/Scratch32 Fall 2017 Participants.

      PRIZES (everyone receives a prize):

      • Winner (1x), Second (1x), Third (1x) & Fourth (1x) Place Finishers;
      • Fewest de-slots (crashes – regardless of fault) (2x); and
      • Draw for Prizes for those in positions 5 through 8 (4x).

      Space is limited to the first 7 participants for whom payment is received – others will be added to a waiting list – there will be 8 participants in total.

      Our 3 Models:

      Those who wish to participate MUST make arrangements directly with me in person or by email to: art@darthobbies.com . Only when payment of a fee is received is your place reserved. I will reply within this thread to confirm every reserved entry until there are no spaces left and thereafter those on the waiting list, in order (if necessary).

      Cheers! Art :good:

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      I’m INNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!! MAil sent to D’Art addy to confirm :yahoo:  :good:

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      Porsche911 is CONFIRMED for the IROC event – 6 places left.

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      MIA is CONFIRMED for the IROC event – 5 places left.

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      DB is CONFIRMED for the IROC event – 4 places left.

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      F1nutz is CONFIRMED for the IROC event – 3 places left.

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      Jimbo is CONFIRMED for the IROC event – 2 places left.

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      Hi Art, still a go for Wednesday.  Just checking ……

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      The Grid is frozen at 6 – the perfect number for a three lane track! I will see everyone Wednesday evening as planned. Don’t forget your controllers!


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      Unfortunately we must postpone the practice/qualifying session to another day prior to the race – as I’ve emailed each participant – qualifying will occur immediately prior to the race next Wednesday. Some are content with having practice in the afternoon before the race and so they will – I’m still arranging practice for any others – practice available to everyone will be 3 hours to make things as fair as possible.

      So far the following practice sessions are confirmed (and I’ll confirm more on request):

      1) Wednesday, December 20 (3:30 pm through 6:30 pm);

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      I’ll get there for the session prior to racing, hopefully trigger finger will stay warm! :wacko:

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      I’ve heard back from several pilots, but not all, so I will go ahead and confirm the following practice sessions:

      1) Monday, December 18 (3:30 pm through 6:30 pm) followed by the Targa Florio III;

      2) Tuesday, December 19 (7:30 pm through 10:30 pm);

      3) Wednesday, December 20 (3:30 pm through 6:30 pm) [F1nutz, DB, Porsche911];

      There will be no other practice sessions scheduled before December 18 – enjoy the balance of the week and your final weekend before the Christmas holidays are officially here.

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      To confirm – no one attended the Monday practice session.

      It was suggested that we get Chinese for Wednesday. I love that idea. Chicken balls with sweet and sour sauce, fried rice and egg/spring rolls are amazing at a local establishment – so if we get an assorted dinner for 6/7 plus a slew of the balls we should be good – so in addition to the prizes I would suggest a DArt gift certificate for $20 with a Chinese dinner. Anyone that can’t do that we’ll get some pizza – but please let me know…

      Cheers! :good:

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      Chinese fine with me Art.



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      Jim O. attended the Tuesday practice session for a half hour or so.

      Don’t forget to bring your controllers!

      All three of the cars will be available for sale after the race for those interested. We may do a silent auction with reserve – or discuss during the event… More on that tomorrow…

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      Here are the prizes for tonight’s 2017 IROC event:

      Six DArt body kits ($300), two ‘door’ prizes (NOT DArt products = $30 each) plus two additional ‘UNOBTAINIUM’ gifts ($5 each) in addition to the $20 gift certificate every pilot will receive for a total of $490 in prizes/certificates. Every participant will receive a minimum of $50 in prizes after the race. The breakdown is as follows:

      • 1st place – 1st choice of DArt body kit;
      • 2nd place – 2nd choice of DArt body kit;
      • 3rd place – 3rd choice of DArt body kit;
      • 4th place – 4th choice of DArt body kit;
      • 5th place – 1st choice of door prize;
      • 6th place – remaining door prize;
      • Fewest Crashes – pick of the remaining two DArt body kits PLUS unobtainium prize; and
      • Second Fewest Crashes – remaining DArt body kit PLUS unobtainium prize.
      • In addition to the above every participant receives a $20 gift certificate.

      Good Luck! :good:


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      And the grid looks as follows:

      These models are all using slot.it white endbell motors (can drive) with sidewinder slot.it gearing. Every chassis is custom built using BWA wheels, DArt inserts and DArt urethane tires. The Lola T290 weighs in at 94.8g, the Chevron at 101.1g and the Ferrari 312PB at 94.5g.

      Good Luck to our Pilots! :bye:


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      The full race report is in our R32 Race Results forum – here.

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      Phenomenal evening, though this Pilots finger was rusty, a very enjoyable evening, and the hosts generosity, only rivaled by a Big guy in a Red suit!! :yahoo:  :yahoo:  :yahoo:

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      That is great Porsche911 – but please remember that receipt of the fee is the only way to reserve an entry and I confirm every reserved entry by replying within this thread… I’ll confirm your reserved entry when I receive a fee on your behalf.

      “Only when payment of a fee is received is your place reserved. I will reply within this thread to confirm every reserved entry until there are no spaces left and thereafter those on the waiting list, in order (if necessary).”


      Art :good:


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      Of course it is! The minions in the workshop are operating at beyond maximum capacity finishing up work on the models to get them ready for Wednesday!

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