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      Avatar photoKen

        This pre-painted and fully assembled static model came from a Group25 flea market. It was a quick test to see how these large cars would run at Nova Ridge.

        It was quickly turned into a slot car test bed. My humble apologies. The paint is ugly. But it passed the test.

        With the slot car test a complete success. It was time to freshen up the body. Off with the old paint.

        A full interior made of paper is next.

        Thanks for looking.


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        Killer Ken!!! :>) HTF do you get the chrome detail/lettering on the lettering/insignias?? Need to commission you! :>) Amazing(as expected)

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        Avatar photoKen

          Hi Drew,

          Thank you. You are very kind.

          When I got my first Molotow pen. I remember everyone warning me that the ink pools into cracks and crevices. So I tried holding the work upside down. It’s truly a pain in the neck. But the ink can’t pool up. Only down to the high spots on the lettering.

          I lean both wrists on the bench. I also lean a finger with the pen on the body to keep it steady. I then lightly dot the tops of the lettering slowly moving from letter to letter. In my experience. Stroking the letters or emblems with a Molotow pen is bad juju.

          Commission? 2 or 3%? šŸ˜‰

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          Avatar photoMiA

            Might be a pain, but the result is spectacular!

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            Avatar photoKen

              I humbly thank you, MIA. You have the nicest looking car in the field so far. The first one with an interior.

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