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      Lots of discussion prior to the pandemic led to the beginning of an Indy Roadster class using a low power motor in an inline front motor configuration. In that spirit this is my build based on a 1:32 AMT kit for a 1963 Watson Special. This kit was the foundation for the DArt body kit which is what I am using for this build.

      The original kit and all of the parts, including decals:

      The DArt body kit which will be used:

      First things first – sorting out the wheels and tires. I opted to use RS Slot 15x7mm (14x7mm) insert wheels with DArt D7.5 tires mounted front and back. I trued down the fronts a little smaller. The rears were trued to a diameter of 25mm and the fronts to 23.3mm… I used the setup blocks as pictured when setting up my jig.

      Now time to start on the chassis using assorted piano wire and brass pieces… 

      This is my version of a two piece rotating torsion chassis. The motor is an extension of the rear end of the chassis even though it sits above the front section. A separate piece of piano wire wrapped around the guide tube will hold the two halves together after I solder the tips in place just ahead of the rear end.

      Now that the basic chassis is complete – you can see it has stubs for the front wheels – we can begin assembly, starting with the motor and driveshaft. Lots of trial fitting went into positioning the braces that will hold the motor shaft extension bushing. I only want to barely touch that bushing with my soldering iron to fix it in place after the motor is installed for the final time – then carefully clean away any acid flux and oil liberally.

      Time to trial fit the shell.

      I chose not to offset the body (or chassis) since we’ll be running these on road courses.

      I’m happy with the overall stance of this chassis and body so time to trial fit the interior to provide clearance for the drive shaft/pinion. I hope to conceal the driveshaft under the pilot’s left leg but I may need to improvise… we’ll see… stay tuned!



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      That’s one fancy piece of engineering Art. Clever solution for mounting the motor to allow both a front motor layout and a torsion chassis. By the way what are you using to couple the motor shaft to the drive shaft?



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        Thanks racer68!

        Necessity is the mother of invention and since I had no springs nor brass tubing I used styrene drilled out to accommodate (albeit very tightly) the motor shaft… for low power motors which will not be abused this should be fine but time will tell… I didn’t glue it – just pressure fit – so if it slips I can still try gluing it… I could barely push it on and couldn’t pull it off – that’s how tight it is on…

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      Nice build so far!

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      BTW, I’ve gone to just under 54mm in track width… I can always go narrower but as per our rules discussion 54mm seems to be the mark…

      I would strongly encourage anyone using D7 or smaller diameter tires to go to a larger diameter tire (such as the D7.5) if you can… just a suggestion…

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      The build looks great.  It has the “look” of a 1:1 tube frame chassis of the  era.



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